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Rocket League - One Night Knockout.jpg
BigD Rocket League - One Night Knockout

Hey Everyone!

So far the plan is to have a one night event which will involve just a regular knock out style competition. We haven't got a date locked in as of yet, but are penciling in November 5th, it is a Saturday. However if the date is not suitable for those interested then we can look to find another date.

As for now it's up to you to form your team of 3 players and if one member of your team can reply and let me know that your team exists we can form the competition table.

Spread the word and lets get as many BigD players in this as we can, bragging rights can be distributed to the winning 3 in the BigD community.

So if you are keen for some RL against fellow community members, please show some interest and reply to this post so we can see the numbers.


BigD Events Team
BigD Masters [​IMG]

Golf with Friends on Steam
Round 1: Forest - 12PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 2 + Losers Bracket: Oasis - 1PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 3 + Losers Bracket 2: Twilight - 2PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 4 + Losers Bracket 3: Haunted - 3PM ADST 29th Oct
Losers Bracket 4: Forest - 12PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 5: Oasis - 1PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 6: Twilight - 2PM ADST 30th Oct
Final: Picked by either agreement or randomizer - 3PM ADST 30th Oct
Games take place over the course of the weekend.​

BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS Double Elimination tournament: BigD Masters

BigD Masters is a double elimination style tournament. Matches will be played as 1 player versus another. We will aim to have multiple 1vs1 matches happening in the one server at the same time for extra fun and giggles.

To join the BigD Masters tournament, you need to meet the following:
  • Golf...
Riders of the Storm


Time for some ARMA III action on Altis. We will be playing the mission Patrol Ops with the mods CBA & Task Force Radio

- Saturday October 29th, 2016

Time: (Please confirm your local time. remembering Daylight savings is in effect)

7pm AEDT
Event Time Announcer - Riders of the Storm

Kit Rules and Restrictions

- Everyone will be using weapons and equipment based on what class they are using.
- No thermal weapon scopes.
- No long range sniper scopes.

Server and Password:
- BigDGaming.net #1 - Riders of the Storm Event
- Password will be given out at the briefing.

Player Limit:
- 30 Slot Server

The Squads will be decided by event admins.

Discord & Teamspeak
- It will be required for all participants to join us on the...

What If I told you we were going to YOLO 2 nights in a row? Because we are, and are hoping to build from what we learnt last night and bring you a much more polished event!

Saturday the 22st October, 8:00PM AEDT

Situation: After a recent attack on the US embassy at Kiev by Russian backed separatists and increased military activity from Russian Ground Forces, The US has deployed 2 Infantry companies from Germany into the area. Ukraine is on a knifes edge, potentially going from a proxy war to a full on international flash-point.

map (2).png

US Mission: Your platoon has been tasked with conducting a Search and Destroy operation in the Yehorivka Province. Intel suggests there is a similarly sized platoon of RGF with a FOB in the area. You are to take it out using whatever force necessary.

Assets Available

Small Arms

  • 2 Medical kits per squad
  • 1 M72A7 LAW per squad...