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Alpha 9 Feature Preview
Mar 4, 2017

Hi Squaddies,
As we're rushing to squash the last few bugs and tweak in some more optimisation improvements we want to get you, the player, as informed as possible on what to expect in Alpha 9.
New Vehicles
Reference sheet for existing vehicles

Seats two people and is rather expendable. This tool will allow your scouts, spotters and ambushers to get to more places, quicker. With the highly anticipated mines and IEDs right around the corner, now is the time to practice how to get to the good...

7pm AEDT, Sunday 5th March

Introducing a brand new type of YOLO event from the BigD event team.

9 man US squad with support for a drone (callsign Overwatch) attempt to assassinate a Militia HVT and extract.

Militia Commander utilities his 8 Lieutenants to coordinate his militia to defend his position for 20 minutes, then attempts to extract safely.

If HVT successfully escapes or is assassinated, militia search and destroy US forces while they attempt to extract.


How to register

Make sure your STEAM 64 ID is associated with your forum account. Simply click on your profile name at the top right, go down to external accounts and find Associated Steam Account: and link it. When you have done this, you will be able to signup for our events. Those who don't will not be eligible.


Game Rules

    • Revives allowed
    • Respawns only allowed at certain times
    • Discord deafened once joining a squad.
    • Kit restrictions apply and are handed out by SL. Players must spawn in as Rifleman
    • On bleedout or instant death, undeafen discord and enter admin can (shift + P)
    • No talking using in-game comms once dead
    • Resupplies are only allowed from main base

Teamwork Rules
    • Follow chain of command (CoC).
    • Pass up info through the CoC.
    • Follow orders, no matter how stupid.
    • Don't type in All or Team chat (at all)
    • Only use in-game comms
    • Only use assets as directed CoC.
    • SL can pass on his kit once they die to their 2 FTLs
Overwatch Rules
    • Only use SL comms for communication.
    • You must stay at the starting height and zoom.
    • You must be looking straight down.
    • Player highlights are allowed.
    • Only Friendly names are allowed.
Cloudfare is a global and highly used web service that is designed to speed up website loading speeds, protect them from DDoS and other web-based attacks and to provide global networking links. Cloudflare is used by major multinational companies, internet services like Discord, Reddit, Patreon to name a few.

It has been reported there was a major leak in the cloud server management system which released passwords and personal info for services that use Cloudflare into cache of search engines. Cloudflare has reported that the greatest period of impact was from February 13 and February 18 with around 1 in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests through Cloudflare potentially resulting in memory leakage (that’s about 0.00003% of requests).

What does this mean for BigD Gaming Community members? Our Website and Discord both use Cloudflare in some form.
It is highly recommend you immediately reset your password on Discord and the BigD Website.

BigD Gaming Management


Related Links:
Incident report on memory leak caused by Cloudflare parser bug |...
Server Name: BigDGaming.net | AUS | RP/PvP Wiped 23/02 3x XP/Harv

Server Setup:
  • XP & Harvest rates = 3x
  • Slight shield durability increase
  • Slight reduction in water/food consumption
  • Day Cycle = longer
  • Avatars = Disabled
Structure Damage:
This is disabled during the week.
12pm to 9pm Sat/Sun AEST all structure damage will be enabled. To attack a clans base during this time you MUST follow the RP process as detailed in the server rules section: Conan Exiles Server Rules | http://bigdgaming.net/conanrules/

If you have suggestions/feedback on how our server is setup, post it up here.

Don't forget to get involved and jump on BigD Discord: Discord | https://discord.me/bigdgaming - we have multiple channels just for Conan Exiles.

As we roll into Autumn, BigD Gaming will be moving to a new Dedicated server hosted in Sydney by our good friends Wombat Servers.

So a new Dedicated server must mean more power? You'd be right.
We are moving from our humble Intel E3 Xeon-based server to a i7-6700k powered box that comes with double the RAM and SSD storage.

This is a major step in performance compared to the current dedicated server which has served us well since December 2015. It means we will be able to host multiple 80 slot Squad servers on the current version, along with the future demands of Squad as it develops further and have ample capacity to host servers in other games in the future.

This upgrade and the ongoing viability of our servers is made possible by the generous donations we receive from members of this community. It is truly appreciated and we will endeavor to continue providing the best services we can for you.

Regards and Thanks,
BigD Gaming Management

Hey men, yip it's a rematch! We are hoping to make this a monthly event.

After the success of the last encounter our mates over at http://ffosquad.net have accepted our challenge.

The map this time will be CHORA PAAS. Only official community unit members are eligible to play, so please speak to your SL and let them know your availability ASAP! Exceptions may be made if units want to sub in players.

If you are not in a unit and wish to be part of events like this, then we suggest you look at getting involved with one, so jump on discord and chat to the boys! https://www.bigdgaming.net/units/

Players: 36v36
Map: Chora PAAS
Teams: BigD Units vs FFO + Subs if required
Rounds: 2
Home Team: Russia
Server: 1 round each on BigD & FFO

All units leaders must have team numbers and names posted here by Firday 24th 10pm. Any questions please message me or speak to me directly in Discord.

We will look at doing some planning with SLs and do a run through on one of our whitelist nights.

Feel free to RSVP, this will not guarantee your place in this event and is indicative only.

If you didn't catch the last one you can watch the two rounds from the links below, enjoy.


BigD DiRTY Cup - Group A Season 2017

BigD DiRTY Cup | RaceNet Leagues | https://www.dirtgame.com/leagues/league/61569/bigd-dirty-cup
Sign into the dirt rally website through Steam then request to join the league.

Its been a while, 2017 has well and truly kicked off, so about time we kicked off our first proper season of the BigD DiRTY Cup. This will be a ongoing league with multiple 6 week Seasons. Starting off with Group A, and then continuing on through the classes in a logical progression. First event doesn't start till the first week of march, so take the time you have to pick and tune your car and learn the tracks, since mistakes on race weekend will be costly. You have all Weekend to complete the event as you see fit, but feel free to get in touch, grab a beer/whisky/coke/whatever and smash through it together on Discord.

6 Week Season
You have 1 week to complete each location. New locations will unlock every Monday
2 stages per week - 1 Short and 1 long Stage, same Location

To play on the BigD Gaming SQUAD Whitelist server, you will need to have your Steam account assoiciated with your BigD Website account here: http://www.bigdgaming.net/account/external-accounts


- Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

- AEDT 19:00
- QLD 18:00
- SA 18:30
- WA 16:00
- NZ 21:00

- BigDGaming #4 | Whitelist Wednesaday SQUAD Server
- BigD Discord | Whitelist Wednesday VOIP Channel - https://discord.gg/VrTSAT2


- Premium SQUAD Gameplay @ BigD Gaming
- Balancing of community units will occur to avoid uneven rounds
- Bring your war face

Make sure you use the RSVP system to the top right of the thread to indicate whether your coming or not.