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BigD DiRTY Cup - Group A Season 2017

BigD DiRTY Cup | RaceNet Leagues | https://www.dirtgame.com/leagues/league/61569/bigd-dirty-cup
Sign into the dirt rally website through Steam then request to join the league.

Its been a while, 2017 has well and truly kicked off, so about time we kicked off our first proper season of the BigD DiRTY Cup. This will be a ongoing league with multiple 6 week Seasons. Starting off with Group A, and then continuing on through the classes in a logical progression. First event doesn't start till the first week of march, so take the time you have to pick and tune your car and learn the tracks, since mistakes on race weekend will be costly. You have all Weekend to complete the event as you see fit, but feel free to get in touch, grab a beer/whisky/coke/whatever and smash through it together on Discord.

6 Week Season
You have 1 week to complete each location. New locations will unlock every Monday
2 stages per week - 1 Short and 1 long Stage, same Location
FROM OWI... pretty damn exciting


January 2017
Feb 1, 2017

Hi Squaddies,
Happy 2017! In December we worked hard to release Alpha 8.9 as a special patch on Squads first Steam birthday. We were happy to celebrate the anniversary by streaming CCFN and Squad Ops, and releasing a new patch that included a brand new map for you to play in was our gift to you for the holidays. The real celebration for our team was having time off over the holidays to focus on our own well-being - a break that had been months in the making. We came back refreshed in January to venture to PAX South and work on all the goodies we wanted to pack into upcoming releases and this recap.




Tracked and N-Wheeled Vehicles

In a combined effort Drav, Kory, Norby, Tjens and others have been working on bringing you many new vehicle...

Please answer the Poll so we have an idea of numbers

Right, nearly the end of January, holidays over, time for a BigD YOLO event.
Time to return to an old favorite and spruce it up a bit.
Each team takes it in turns to attack or defend a FOB.

7:00pm AEDT Sunday 29th Jan

Make sure your STEAM 64 ID is associated with your forum account. Simply click on your profile name at the top right, go down to external accounts and find Associated Steam Account: and link it. When you have done this, you will be able to signup for our events. Those who don't will not be eligible.

Game Rules

    • Revives allowed
    • No respawns
    • Discord deafened once joining a squad.
    • Kit restrictions apply and are handed out by SL. Players must spawn in as Rifleman
    • On bleedout or instant death, undeafen discord and enter admin can (shift + P)
    • No talking using in-game comms once dead

Teamwork Rules

Hey there guys, this minecraft server is starting from scratch. The places we build the towns we have access to will be granted by you, the community. I know you guys want to move straight to a modded server however that will come in time once we know what our servers can handle. Those who have spawned in for the first time on our servers you will be granted a colourful piece of armour, if you can find it. Now, lets lay down some ground rules

1. No Griefing (c'mon guys, its sort of obvious, if it's not yours and you didn't ask to have it, leave it)

2. Do Not Kill another player, once we have an arena set up, those who wish to fight can (once the arena is set up then those who wish to fight, can)

3. Do not destroy anything anyone has made. (If you don't want it done to you, don't do it)

4. See an admin about any issues you have

5. You claim the area you can fence off, the fence placed spans from the bottom of the world to +265 the comes in moderation however, if it is an island you must search the island, if you find no signs of life on it, it is yours though you must put a sign up on the island designating it to be yours (common guys it should be nice and easy and any land disputes will be sorted out either by an admin,...
BigD Units vs FFO

Sunday 22.1.17 1400 AEDT (21.1.17 0300 UTC)

Players: 36v36
Map: Kohat v1
Teams: BigD Units vs FFO + Subs
Rounds: Teams play both sides. 2 rounds
Server: TBA

This is for the Official BigD units only for them to get a taste for what a full scale competitive match is like, as well as a matter of national pride.

All official units will have their own squad. I will need all Unit Leaders to talk to their guys and confirm numbers and availability.

If there are any questions please post below or come see myself.

Squad 1 :

Squad 2:

Squad 3:

Squad 4:​
Thursday night will be a goer and here is why.

COMMUNITY WHITELIST SERVER - We will be actively seeking to seed this server on a day to day basis or as often as possible.

"BigDGaming.net #4 | Whitelist AAS + PAAS" Is now up running a 7 Map rotation. This server is community only and requires you to have a forum account and have your steam account associated with it.

This server will NOT enforce rule 5.3 - Rushing the opposing team’s first neutral flag is NOT ALLOWED, the enemy must get a chance to cap that flag before contact is made.(This rule is excluded for ITC, Conquest and INS Layers.) so you are free to use this strategy.

This rule is currently being reviewed for the other public servers and clarity will be given for PAAS asap.

So let everybody know that this server is up and running and that you are free to rush any flag you wish if you feel this is the best strategy.

Here is the first map rotation - This will be reviewed and updated regularly

Hello Fellow BigD Gaming Minecraft Enthusiasts,

Madhouse And I are looking at getting the Official BigD Minecraft server up and running but we will need to know the numbers before we make the possibility become reality. We are looking at getting it set up and future posts about it will also be linked to those whom have replied to the poll as well as reply to this thread. This is just so that we can get back in contact with you once the server is up to give you all the information. Please guys, if you want to have and help BigD have a Minecraft server so there is some easy Non-Shooter games to play with the guys.

I am looking at getting the game up and running but as usual, I will require the help of the BigD community to get things done. The server will be for AUS, NZ and pretty well anyone else we can get interested in playing. There will be server rules and information displayed if we get the go...
Well what a year! Here we are, about to sit down to eat way too much food once again.
Lets recap the going-ons of the past 12 months at our local BigD Gaming Community:

Community Growth

After the Return of BigD Gaming in 2015 with Project Reality v1.3, we have gone from strength to strength with the launch of SQUAD on Steam in December 2015. We have experienced an explosion of growth bigger than the ham raffle at the local RSL the weekend before Christmas.
We have seen numerous individuals become regular members of the community, Five new community units come alive, movement to stronger, dedicated server hardware and of course a growing love of Squad and its unique teamwork-based game-play first developed in Project Reality, the place where this community originally grew from.

Its been a pleasure to watch this community go back to the future and it where it belongs, a fun, awesome place to game at with great people and great game-play.

So This Game Called SQUAD
From the moment SQUAD released on Steam, it came out with a small but solid start:
  • Kohat & Logar maps
  • 2 game modes
  • 3 factions
  • basic movement and animations
  • barebones of Project Reality gameplay
  • a...