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I have recently been getting involved in PR and have found that their is a vast amount of differences from it to vBF2. Not only game modes but tactics limitations and other nuances. I also just missed out on the TOG bD scrim in which we received a bit of a pasting. So I am suggesting we have a joint training session/s where a few of the more experienced of you guys can run us through some drills and tactics. In the long run this will make the scrims (which i hope will be a regular occurrence) all the more enjoyable. what do you say?
Let me be the first to thank TOG| for the great game it was fun and informative kudos who everyone who participated I'll leave it to everyone out to give there shouts outs and lets see if we can find a man of the match.
Please post your interest in the upcoming match against the TOG boys.

Tentative date : Thursday 29th

Time : still to be organised.

Please give us your name and is you have a mic. Also if you wish to be SL.

Server will be passworded and TS will be available for the match.

Password will be given at later date.