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Hello new Squaddie!

So you are trialing SQUAD for the FREE Weekend. Excellent choice! We at BigD Gaming are happy to have you here and are excited to help you with your initial experience of this fantastic game. Our community has been fore front of SQUAD in Australia and New Zealand so you have come to the right place.

Our community has over 81143 Hours of [​IMG] so trust me when I say we can teach you a thing or two.

First things first jump on Discord and come chat to us, we will help you through your first few hours. feeling a bit shy? No worries we can help you in game as well, but too make it easier you will certainly need a MIC. If you intend on playing SQUAD long term, a MIC will be crucial for communication and make sure you have the best experience possible.


Jump On Discord! Discord | https://discord.gg/3ktgr7h

Spawning IN and Choosing your role

Press Enter. You will either choose a Main,...
hey lads just looking at an idea or another yolo event feel free to discuss as atm i have limited time to write my idea ut ill come back to this thread after work today..

basically ts a mix between that check mate event we had and the midnight raid

12 v 26 ?

basically its a hostage situation .. Americans unit of (12) 2 squads of 6 have kits and humvees and have to secure as many hostages out of (3)

the insurgents only get rifleman kits they select a grid reference to hold hostages in EG- H4

insurgents have to have at leas 1 interrogator/handler and 1 sentry per building if they split the hostages up at all times.

after a 20 minute timer (interogations) insurgents have to move the hostages via truck or foot to another pre-picked location

round end contidions

ALL US elimiated

ALL insurgents eliminated

Hostage deaths via Insurgents = round loss

Hostage deaths via US = Round loss

US win if they can secure the hostages and get them to 1 of to pre-selected check points

Insurgents win if they can get all hostages to selected check point after the interrogation timer completes

anyways thats the basic idea ill comeback to it later

maybe insurgents will get 1 fob to deploy machinegun emplacements and basic wire and...
Hi BigD Community!

Most of you have heard that SQUAD will be on sale this weekend and available free to play. We want to encourage any friends of BigD members new and old who have not had the chance to play squad yet to give it ago!

We will have 3 servers BigD #1, #2, #3 all cranking and will make sure they are being well administrated.

So spread the word! And remember to go somewhat easy on the noobs, we don't wanna scare them off straight away :p

[BigD] Spono


Steam Free Weekend & Sale!

Nov 11th-13th 2016


Hi Squaddies,
Enjoying Alpha 8 so far? As announced last week, to celebrate the release and our upcoming charity event with Stack-Up, Squad will be running its first ever Steam Free Weekend!
In addition to our Free Weekend, Squad will also be on sale for its lowest price to date!
We hope our friends...
Hello BigD Community! (Read this pleassssssssse :cool:) Oh and don't be stingy took me 1 hour so reply goddamit!

V8 is fun eh? Still has its issues though as does any alpha game, but man that performance increase is huge and D-licious!

So what are we doing as a community and what happens next? Well first, we will start to have weekly updates for you, either via forum or newsletter format. This will be as often as we can. Remembering we are a small senior team and do this as a hobby and a passion, so if we make mistakes or you feel we are missing something let us know, but don't beat us down! we have feelings :rolleyes:

First of all, I can understand some players frustrations when it comes to slots (not being able to get on one of our servers) and map changes (playing the same faction or map a couple times in a row) etc, just know that we (those "senior" guys again) do our gosh-dangdest to bring the best overall experience possible.

We have solutions for these things and are working to improve on them everyday! For example we have launched the Community only AAS to ensure all players who have their steam account linked with their forum account can enjoy the benefits of playing on...
Madhouse created a new tournament:

Community 12vs12 Challenge
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Sunday the 6th November, 7:00PM AEDT

Situation: Afghani Taliban have been making explosives and attacking US personal and innocent civilians in the region. After a hospital in the nearby city gets bombed, US intelligence has decided to grant permission for a small strike team to recon then destroy the Taliban's explosive supplies.

US Mission: Your team has been tasked with conducting a Search and Destroy operation in the Logar Valley. Intel suggests that the group of Taliban that have been bombing friendly personal have a cache in the area. There are reports of multiple caches in the area, so you will need to do on the ground surveillance and identify the correct building the explosives are located in.

Assets Available

Small Arms

  • Max 2 Medics per squad
  • Max 1 M72A7 LAW per squad
  • Max 2 SAW per squad
  • Max 1 M203 per squad
  • Max 2 Optics Per Squad
  • Max 1 SL per squad
  • 2 HMMV's
  • 1 M936...