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Simply put if you intend on organising a community match or any match for that matter we ask that you take a number of things into account. Firstly you will need to fill out the below parameters, its fine if you discuss this and fill them out over time.

Server Setting:
Kit Limitations:

However before you set your Time and Date in stone you will first need to run it past the admins who currently have server side BF2CC control. You will need one of them to set the server up for you and take it down when your done. Quite easy really decide on the time and dates you want to book the server, throw up a new thread in the Server Booking Forums as per Uncle Darths instructions. Once you have a affirmative that a BF2CC admin can set up the server you will be good to go.

Thanks in advance.

Map: Hills Of Hamyong, Ghost Train & Operation Compton
Time: 7:00pm (est) start ending when it doe's
Rules: Normal server rules, as well as a TOTAL no uncappable flag spawn camping and adhering to the rules about who wins each map below.
Server: GSA - BigD PR #2 32# Player
Server Setting: Normal Server Settings, Extended time ?
Kit Limitations: Non at this moment
Password: Found in Announcements closer to the date.

Ok what this coming Sunday shall encompass : a PR campaign that will have two opposing sides fighting through a range of maps to claim ultimate victory. the match shall also have special victory and inmatch conditions.

thanks to VisOne we have now decided upon a campaign and storyline , as well as the special conditions :

the PLA has been massing troops Malaysia upon 'request' of the Malaysian government. They now intend to on move Singapore and force the current standing government into accepting Chinese rule, of course this cannot be allowed to happen and in a historic move the British government once again sends troops to defend Singapore.

The first battle will be...
Just a thought, might be a bit hard being a public holiday that most people will be doing family stuff.

Could be just a day where we add tags from which country where from.... either AUS or OZ and NZ and jump on opposing teams just in the regular server while playing.
Many of you have heard me yell this over a microphone or type in game now that certain things have been decided upon and we have access to a second server we can finally make it come true.

Map: Al Basrah 64 Player
Game Play: Basically Mario-kart with insurgents and insurgent cars.
Time: Early Sunday afternoon, this is so we don't alter our normal Sunday members night.
Kits: War Veteran, Insurgent, Policeman, Mechanic, Doctor and RPG Gunner
01 The Palace and Pitlane is a NO fire zone no killing is allowed.
02 PKM and Grenadier/Noob Tube are disallowed kits while racing.
03 The A10 will remain grounded no one is to use it, the Cobra's are not to be used offensively.
04 All spawn cars are to be saved for use in the racing not as transports.
05 All spawn cars are to be collected and store near the pit area.
06 No direct missile, cannon, mounted weapon or artillery attack is to made against racers.
07 Only interference to the racers will be mines and c4/IED, smoke grenades and your own body.
08 First lap of the race will be no weapons to make sure everyone has the idea
09 Listen to officials and Admins at all time and lets have some fun.
10 Bridges are not to be blown...
We received this in the TOG Public Lounge from 'The Tactical Gamer'.

Thought it might interest you guys...

Invitation to compete in PR 6x6 Competition
I know some of you wont be interested on what I'm about to say but what if we held something like a special battle for ANZAC day this month on the 25th...what ya think? :wink: