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Maps: Standard Server Rotation
Time: 9:00pm (AEST) NZ 11:00 NSW,VIC,ACT & TAS 9:00 SA 8:30 QLD 8:00 WA 7:00
Date: Friday 21st December
Rules: You will find yourself warned and removed from the game if your caught, intentionally team killing, insulting other players and of course banned if your caught cheating. Remember we hold these events so that we can all have a good time and such a high level of team work is expected. These events are about winning as a team and not getting the highest individual score.
Server: GamingSA.com - Forgotten Hope
Players: 48 players

Details are above and in the usual format we will start around 9:00pm (AEST) hopefully giving everyone time to make it home to play. You also may note the lack of password there's a number of lengthy reasons for this the shortest being I'm sick of you all asking me in TEAM SPEAK WHAT IT IS. :p Anyway this week as I some of you might have read or heard...​
Forum Member SPAZ Night - FRIDAY 14TH DECEMBER - Your invitation to be a spaz

Welcome to the first BigD members spaz night.

That right, put down your rule book and sense of fair play. This is all out vanilla style war.
For one night and one night only the members game night will go silly.
This is a chance to blow off some steam and indulge in all that gameplay that is not normally allowed.
Attacking the main base
Camping spawn points
Jihad without being an insurgent
Helping comrades on the other team
Using vehicles in an inappropriate manner.
Spamming the chat (as long as it is not insulting and derogatory)
Accidental friendly fire incidents.

Awards will be given after the event to people that have shown outstanding noobish behaviour.
Screens shots should be taken showing funny spam comments, kills or deaths and really bad score.
A special award will be given to the squad or players that still try to play the game properly against the full weight of tardness.

Time: 7:30pm (AEST) Till really late NZ 9:30 NSW,VIC,ACT & TAS 7:30 SA 7:00 QLD 6:30 WA...
Ok friends this one might be giving you all a little deja vu for you all but given the server instability last week and the fact I'm lazy were gonna try this one more time. :sweat: However the problem that plagued us over the last couple of weeks hasn't completely gone away so I'm sorry if the event doesn't go as planned.

Map: Phoenix 32 Player
Time: 9:00pm (AEST) NZ 11:00 NSW,VIC,ACT & TAS 9:00 SA 8:30 QLD 8:00 WA 7:00
Date: Friday 7th December
Rules: Forum Member Skirmish Rules - So bring your manners and your common sense
Server: GSA - BigD 0.613 PR #2 Small Maps
Players: 32 players
Server Setting: 90min time limit & high ticket ratio
Kit Limitations: No heavy AT snipers
Password: bigDmember

Some information you need to read and accept before you take part in these events.
Another [bD] vs [bD]c scrim - FRIDAY 07/09

Hey guys. Just wondering what the level of interest would be for another friday night scrim? September 7th is probably the earliest it should be done to allow for enough interest to be generated and not mess with anyone's RL plans.

My personal map preference would be Gulf of Oman - I reckon the US airborne and amphibious assualt could be awesome to both take part in and defend against if done properly.

Anyway, just looking for feedback at the moment....

**FRIDAY 07/09 - see below**
A lot of people are getting bored with the current maps & tactics. I was thinking that it would be a nice diversion to hold a game or two (on the sunday night locked server2) where pistols are the only weapon allowed.

Maps would need to be chosen that favour pistol battles. Ejod 16player comes to mind.

I know that the Special Forces kit comes with a silenced pistol. At least the US kit does, I rarely play spec ops in other armies so im not certain whether they carry pistols. I believe the officer kit does too. Everyone spawns with the Spec Ops kit and agrees to ONLY use their pistol. Smoke could be used but no explosives.

Anyway, I'm starting a poll and if enough people want to play a game or two of Pistol Battle, then perhaps the admins can set something up.

Map suggestions and general input are welcome.