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We have decided to make server 2 available on Saturday 16th June for community training.

Please post here if you are interested in training and what kind if anything specific.

Regular community members, please also post here if you are willing to help out with the training

i would suggest that training be kept general as the next version of PR is coming out soon and there are some major changes throughout the game.

Details of the training can be found -------> HERE

ALSO NOTE : server 2 will be passworded on Sunday 17th June for a community teamwork night - please see announcements for details
As suggested in Darth's: Delayed - Trial Scrim Thread I am looking to erect a second PR team, that which equals the strength of bD!

I have previously suggested that smaller clans with interest in PR consider this as a means to take part in freindly scrims ranging from 6v6 to (hopefully) 16v16 and above! But obviously this team would be open for the entire Oz PR community.

I have conferred with our favorite Uncle and he has genorously agreed to allow these forums to facilitate this affair.

Due to the fact that the bulk of the community is already centralized here (on these forums), I dont believe it would require all that much effort. Having said that, you all know first-hand this will take input from those interested.

My goal would be to formalize this 2nd bD team with a roster eqaul to that of bD, then pit these 2 teams against each other on a casual basis. No points, no ladders, no scoring, just straight PR fun !!! Of course this and everything else said here will be up for discussion.

If this idea were to come to fruition it would give a broader range of the greater PR community (whether your in a clan already or not) a chance to take part in structured, organized large scale PR battles; which in my...
Looks like alot of people are keen to play a 10v10 scrim match either as part of a ladder based system or just a bit of fun.

Sunday 27th 8:00pm AEST
Server #2
1 map played twice with team swap in middle (pref 16p size)
60 mins per round
Highest combined score wins the night.

(this will be a semi trial to see how things work out and to see what needs improving for a real ladder / scrim situation)

the [bD] boys will field a team of 10 (i hope) and challenge any other group / clan to a fight.

Please post your interest to this challenge as a team.
team name (indicate a Team Leader as they will get the password for the match)
names of the players
map you would prefer to play (no guarantees it will be chosen)

We will then choose a team at random for this first test and post times and dates afterwards for the other teams that have expressed interest to play us or each other.

Fell free to combine clans, ask people from the community to fill out the numbers. I would suggest you have a couple of people in reserve in case of any late dropouts.

All details within teams / clans should be done via PM. Please no not spam this thread with details or questions...
Map: 2 Map Cycle ?
Time: Saturday/Sunday 6:30PM On the dot START
Date: To be decided
Rules: To be decided also see the Code Of Conduct
Server: GSA - BigD PR #2
Server Setting: To be decided
Kit Limitations: To be decided
Password: Usual time usual place - http://bigdgaming.net/viewforum.php?f=1

Right first of all we need to come up with a new Campaign as well as what was wrong with the former campaign. However that said by no means will anyone be allow to go off on a tangent and rant about the last campaign if you haven't made your peace with it too bad. So lets keep this thread relevant and get some ideas down for the next campaign so we can put a date to it and give it another whirl.

Also it has been shown that the best way to go about commander/squad leader interaction is by using a combination of VOIP and Team Speak channels so we will need to set some up for the game.

- Code Of Conduct - Anything else that needs to be added ?
- This is to be a serious game and common sense must prevail.
- At the start of each round there will be a 5min warm up where squad leaders can talk to each other and plan.
- During all planing/warm...
Who's up for one of these? No clans, just teams. With over 200 registered members, it shouldn't be too hard to get a few people keen. It'll all PR (public relations ha!) marketing anyhoo.

Similar to the campaign, people would register interest - open to anyone registered on the forum.

We'd need an impartial chap to be the coordinator of course.

Map: All Extract Maps
Time: Usual time 7:00 PM (AEST)
Rules: The VIP kit/VIP vehicle should take a reasonable direct route to the check point's and extraction point as well as our general code of conduct and reasonable game play.
Server: GSA - BIGD PR Server #2
Server Setting: 2 Round per each map extract maps only
Kit Limitations: None
Password: --> http://bigdgaming.net/viewtopic.php?t=196

Everyone is invited but be aware extract is difficult and some times testing the admins will be enforcing fair play so PLAY FAIR. Throw your name up if your interested and if there's anything you think we need to add or retract from it.