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Alpha Version 8
Nov 1, 2016
The hype train has arrived! A monthly recap and Version 8 in one go!


Alpha Version 8 is now released. After hitting one of Squad's biggest milestones with the introduction of vehicles in Alpha Version 7, we could finally focus on doing an optimization pass on the core systems now that all the underlying wires are connected. This was a team wide effort, with a lot of micro-optimizations quickly building up to a level of performance that the team is proud to present to the players.
That is not the whole story though! We added a few treats to add more spice to the current gameplay and quite a few quality of life improvements alongside the main focus which was optimization.
As more content and features are added, we're able to better pace the game to where we eventually want to go. These changes have to be implemented over time so the player base has a chance to adjust and adapt. This has been the trend for for the entire life cycle of Squad, and this patch is no different. We are steadily slowing things down so...



Keen as?

With the most anticipated SQUAD update just released! (psssst V8 is here pass it on), we are looking to grow our Squad in-game Admin Team. If you have already applied and have been waiting patiently, expect to be contacted by myself within the next few days. If not, and know/think you have"it*" then please read on!

As a BigD Squad Admin you are the face of our community. You will be trusted to enforce our server rules and take appropriate action for those Squaddies who do not adhere to them.

There will be players who will critique your every move, this means you will need to be patient and remain calm under pressure. Building rapport with our player base is a must, as respect will make your job easier.

Your influence will be crucial in molding new and existing players and guarantee our servers thrive and exceed the standards we set.

Being an admin is a BIG responsibility, and takes priority over normal game-play. We put a lot of trust into our...
Its happening, BigD Gaming has begun the migration to Discord.

Discord invite link: Discord | https://discord.me/bigdgaming

Teamspeak has been a core component of the BigD Community since the early days of 2007. It has taken all this time for a new and improving platform to overtake and enrich the community interactions that Teamspeak has in the past.

BigD Gaming Discord will be open as a community platform, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in as was the case of teamspeak. All of our Community & In-game admins will be required to be active on Discord - if you require admin assistance, especially for in-game matters, Discord will be the place to look.

What will happen to Teamspeak? Our server costs no money and will not be turned off in the short term. There are advantages of teamspeak for large scale community events and may be used for those purposes in the future. The number of channels in teamspeak will decease as the community moves to the Discord server.



We are trialing a scenario based event with a bit of a twist. Limited spots available (36), so signup and confirm yours.

Scenario 1 - Death to the King


Pawn team (Militia) must eliminate the King before the 30 minute timer. Kings Team (US) must protect and save King for 30 minutes.

The round will start when the Kings square (grid reference) chosen by the Kings Team is announced via broadcast. Pawn team will then need to find and eliminate the King. All pawns will start from main base, including the Kings team pawn.

Kings team may revive from wounded. Once Kings team medic is dead, revives will not be an option.
Pawn team will have no medics, once fatally wounded they will give up and spectate the rest of the round.

Kings team will all be in one squad, and can use either local & or squad VOIP. Pawn team will be unassigned and will use LOCAL chat only. Teamwork will still be necessary to achieve objective. No team text chat communication will be allowed.

If King is by himself or lone survivor on his team, his...
Rocket League - One Night Knockout.jpg
BigD Rocket League - One Night Knockout

Hey Everyone!

So far the plan is to have a one night event which will involve just a regular knock out style competition. We haven't got a date locked in as of yet, but are penciling in November 5th, it is a Saturday. However if the date is not suitable for those interested then we can look to find another date.

As for now it's up to you to form your team of 3 players and if one member of your team can reply and let me know that your team exists we can form the competition table.

Spread the word and lets get as many BigD players in this as we can, bragging rights can be distributed to the winning 3 in the BigD community.

So if you are keen for some RL against fellow community members, please show some interest and reply to this post so we can see the numbers.


BigD Events Team
BigD Masters [​IMG]

Golf with Friends on Steam
Round 1: Forest - 12PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 2 + Losers Bracket: Oasis - 1PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 3 + Losers Bracket 2: Twilight - 2PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 4 + Losers Bracket 3: Haunted - 3PM ADST 29th Oct
Losers Bracket 4: Forest - 12PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 5: Oasis - 1PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 6: Twilight - 2PM ADST 30th Oct
Final: Picked by either agreement or randomizer - 3PM ADST 30th Oct
Games take place over the course of the weekend.​

BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS Double Elimination tournament: BigD Masters

BigD Masters is a double elimination style tournament. Matches will be played as 1 player versus another. We will aim to have multiple 1vs1 matches happening in the one server at the same time for extra fun and giggles.

To join the BigD Masters...