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Cloudfare is a global and highly used web service that is designed to speed up website loading speeds, protect them from DDoS and other web-based attacks and to provide global networking links. Cloudflare is used by major multinational companies, internet services like Discord, Reddit, Patreon to name a few.

It has been reported there was a major leak in the cloud server management system which released passwords and personal info for services that use Cloudflare into cache of search engines. Cloudflare has reported that the greatest period of impact was from February 13 and February 18 with around 1 in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests through Cloudflare potentially resulting in memory leakage (that’s about 0.00003% of requests).

What does this mean for BigD Gaming Community members? Our Website and Discord both use Cloudflare in some form.
It is highly recommend you immediately reset your password on Discord and the BigD Website.

BigD Gaming Management


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As we roll into Autumn, BigD Gaming will be moving to a new Dedicated server hosted in Sydney by our good friends Wombat Servers.

So a new Dedicated server must mean more power? You'd be right.
We are moving from our humble Intel E3 Xeon-based server to a i7-6700k powered box that comes with double the RAM and SSD storage.

This is a major step in performance compared to the current dedicated server which has served us well since December 2015. It means we will be able to host multiple 80 slot Squad servers on the current version, along with the future demands of Squad as it develops further and have ample capacity to host servers in other games in the future.

This upgrade and the ongoing viability of our servers is made possible by the generous donations we receive from members of this community. It is truly appreciated and we will endeavor to continue providing the best services we can for you.

Regards and Thanks,
BigD Gaming Management

To play on the BigD Gaming SQUAD Whitelist server, you will need to have your Steam account assoiciated with your BigD Website account here: http://www.bigdgaming.net/account/external-accounts


- Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

- AEDT 19:00
- QLD 18:00
- SA 18:30
- WA 16:00
- NZ 21:00

- BigDGaming #4 | Whitelist Wednesaday SQUAD Server
- BigD Discord | Whitelist Wednesday VOIP Channel - https://discord.gg/VrTSAT2


- Premium SQUAD Gameplay @ BigD Gaming
- Balancing of community units will occur to avoid uneven rounds
- Bring your war face

Make sure you use the RSVP system to the top right of the thread to indicate whether your coming or not.

Well what a year! Here we are, about to sit down to eat way too much food once again.
Lets recap the going-ons of the past 12 months at our local BigD Gaming Community:

Community Growth

After the Return of BigD Gaming in 2015 with Project Reality v1.3, we have gone from strength to strength with the launch of SQUAD on Steam in December 2015. We have experienced an explosion of growth bigger than the ham raffle at the local RSL the weekend before Christmas.
We have seen numerous individuals become regular members of the community, Five new community units come alive, movement to stronger, dedicated server hardware and of course a growing love of Squad and its unique teamwork-based game-play first developed in Project Reality, the place where this community originally grew from.

Its been a pleasure to watch this community go back to the future and it where it belongs, a fun, awesome place to game at with great people and great game-play.

So This Game Called SQUAD
From the moment SQUAD released on Steam, it came out with a small but solid start:
  • Kohat & Logar maps
  • 2 game modes
  • 3 factions
  • basic movement and animations
  • barebones of Project Reality gameplay
  • a...

Squad has been on Steam for 1 year this week and BigD Gaming been there from day one supporting the growth of the Australian & New Zealand player base. To celebrate, we are going to have some good old fashioned, high teamwork gameplay on our event server.

Two regular community members will be selected as team commanders. Squad leader selection will be made from those who put there hand up by posting in the event thread at they wish to lead.

Community Units/Clans will be balanced out between the Two teams to ensure the gameplay is not one-sided.

- Sunday December 18th, 2016

- ADET 19:00
- QLD 18:00
- SA 18:30
- WA 16:00
- NZ 21:00

- Kokan PAAS

- BigDGaming | Squadiversary

- Standard server rules apply.
- Fun is mandatory
- Rules against player spamming chat, banter etc will be relaxed
- You will need to be in the event Discord VOIP channel: Pre-Game at least 20...

Spread the word - This weekend is BigD PR Time!

Over the course of the coming weekend, we are going to get as many players as humanly possible to play and seed the BigD PR server.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 6pm Sydney time, PR Admins and community players will be jumping onto the server and enjoying the low ping goodness of having a Sydney server, which now allows our friends in Asia to play with a much lower ping than days before.

Please let us know if your in for some PR action this weekend by replying to this thread and/or voting in the poll above.

Don't forget to make sure your install of Project Reality is up to date, follow this link for info: Project Reality: BF2 v1.4.1 Manual Update Required! | http://www.bigdgaming.net/threads/project-reality-bf2-v1-4-1-manual-update-required.11220/