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Its happening, BigD Gaming has begun the migration to Discord.

>>> DISCORD.BigDGaming.net <<<

Teamspeak has been a core component of the BigD Community since the early days of 2007. It has taken all this time for a new and improving platform to overtake and enrich the community interactions that Teamspeak has in the past.

BigD Gaming Discord will be open as a community platform, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in as was the case of teamspeak. All of our Community & In-game admins will be required to be active on Discord - if you require admin assistance, especially for in-game matters, Discord will be the place to look.

Discord is the place where you will find out the latest events, server & game news first, the detailed information will as before, posted on the website but also linked to the appropriate channel on the Discord.



Our very first Rising Storm2: Vietnam server is all setup and ready to roll for the final Beta before full release.

The BigD Community has over 20 people that we know who are going to be taking part in the beta, with a number of these current Squad Admins who will have access to the RS2V Web Admin tool over the beta period to make sure the BigD RS2V servers are top notch.

If you have suggestions/feedback on how our server is setup, post it up here. If you have imedate issues, jump on Discord.

Don't forget to get involved and jump on BigD Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers | http://discord.bigdgaming.net/ - we have multiple channels just for RS2V.


As we roll into Autumn, BigD Gaming will be moving to a new Dedicated server hosted in Sydney by our good friends Wombat Servers.

So a new Dedicated server must mean more power? You'd be right.
We are moving from our humble Intel E3 Xeon-based server to a i7-6700k powered box that comes with double the RAM and SSD storage.

This is a major step in performance compared to the current dedicated server which has served us well since December 2015. It means we will be able to host multiple 80 slot Squad servers on the current version, along with the future demands of Squad as it develops further and have ample capacity to host servers in other games in the future.

This upgrade and the ongoing viability of our servers is made possible by the generous donations we receive from members of this community. It is truly appreciated and we will endeavor to continue providing the best services we can for you.

Regards and Thanks,
BigD Gaming Management

Hello Fellow BigD Gaming Minecraft Enthusiasts,

Madhouse And I are looking at getting the Official BigD Minecraft server up and running but we will need to know the numbers before we make the possibility become reality. We are looking at getting it set up and future posts about it will also be linked to those whom have replied to the poll as well as reply to this thread. This is just so that we can get back in contact with you once the server is up to give you all the information. Please guys, if you want to have and help BigD have a Minecraft server so there is some easy Non-Shooter games to play with the guys.

I am looking at getting the game up and running but as usual, I will require the help of the BigD community to get things done. The server will be for AUS, NZ and pretty well anyone else we can get interested in playing. There will be server rules and information displayed if we get the go...
Well what a year! Here we are, about to sit down to eat way too much food once again.
Lets recap the going-ons of the past 12 months at our local BigD Gaming Community:

Community Growth

After the Return of BigD Gaming in 2015 with Project Reality v1.3, we have gone from strength to strength with the launch of SQUAD on Steam in December 2015. We have experienced an explosion of growth bigger than the ham raffle at the local RSL the weekend before Christmas.
We have seen numerous individuals become regular members of the community, Five new community units come alive, movement to stronger, dedicated server hardware and of course a growing love of Squad and its unique teamwork-based game-play first developed in Project Reality, the place where this community originally grew from.

Its been a pleasure to watch this community go back to the future and it where it belongs, a fun, awesome place to game at with great people and great game-play.

So This Game Called SQUAD
From the moment SQUAD released on Steam, it came out with a small but solid start:
  • Kohat & Logar maps
  • 2 game modes
  • 3 factions
  • basic movement and animations
  • barebones of Project Reality gameplay
  • a...
BigD Gaming is pleased to report that our website has now successfully migrated to a much better web hosting platform!

You will notice immediately the increased loading speeds - its the same feeling as smashing down 3 Double Downs in a 5 minute sitting.

Big shoutout to Wombat Servers for their continued excellent support provided.

BigD Gaming EVENT TEAM Presents!



We will be doing this as a password event, with sign ups required. You must have a forum account and have you steam account associated.


This is an organised game of the Insurgency layer of KOKAN, where we will have predetermined teams and squads. We will be playing 1 to 2 rounds depending on time limitations. If the 1st round is less than 1 hour we will do a team swap and play again. If it is more than 1 hour we will simply battle it out to the death.

Squad leaders will have a briefing session prior to the match, to organise their teams strategy.

All players will need to RSVP using the link below. This will be done on a first in first served basis as there will only be 72 slots available. There will be a reserve bench if needed.

Event Duration:
- This will be a 2 hour event, so please make sure you have this time available before signing up.

- Sunday NOVEMBER 20th, 2016

Sooooooo, how about that free weekend huh? :cool:

Thanks to all the community members and admins who helped out the noobs over the weekend, it was awesome to see 6 of our servers full and people enjoying SQUAD for the first time. There has been some really good feedback and some players who had never played SQUAD before made the 50% OFF purchase purely based on the experience they have had on our servers. So nice work!

I was somewhat surprised and impressed by the level of game-play even with so many fresh faces. There was certainly a mixed bag of strategy vs full out attack. This made for an interesting dynamic. I was especially thrown by some new players squad leading for the first time, and how quickly they were picking it up. Pretty cool to see how excited they were building up fobs and getting their minions to dig away, was good to see so much enthusiasm for that aspect of the game and perhaps something a bit different from the norm for them.

We want to keep up the momentum and are doing pretty well so far. We currently have the capacity to run 5 servers and are filling 3 per night easily. Thanks for those who are seeding early during the day, some nights we...