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As we roll into Autumn, BigD Gaming will be moving to a new Dedicated server hosted in Sydney by our good friends Wombat Servers.

So a new Dedicated server must mean more power? You'd be right.
We are moving from our humble Intel E3 Xeon-based server to a i7-6700k powered box that comes with double the RAM and SSD storage.

This is a major step in performance compared to the current dedicated server which has served us well since December 2015. It means we will be able to host multiple 80 slot Squad servers on the current version, along with the future demands of Squad as it develops further and have ample capacity to host servers in other games in the future.

This upgrade and the ongoing viability of our servers is made possible by the generous donations we receive from members of this community. It is truly appreciated and we will endeavor to continue providing the best services we can for you.

Regards and Thanks,
BigD Gaming Management
As the title says, our Squad Servers are now online!

We need everyone who can come help full her up and stress test them all.

Please post up in this thread any quirks you find.
We have completed the move to a new dedicated server that will allow our overseas players from South East Asia to have a much lower ping than the one they experience on the previous server box.

To help bring back the server population, I'd like to get a group of players together who would help seed the server around 7pm each night. If you'd like to help or have ideas on how to get the population back, post it up.
Post up your feedback on the performance of our new dedicated Project Reality server in this thread.

The type of feedback we are after:
  • rubber banding
  • lag spikes
  • connection drop outs
  • server crashes
Our new Dedicated Linux Server is now running and is live!

Our new sever is up and running. We still have a few tweaks to make, but we should have it available this evening. Some things to take note:
  • No auto restart feature (for now). We are working on this. In the meantime restarts need to be done manually via SSH.
  • Intermittent uptime. We will try to minimise disruptions, but expect outages throughout the week as we set things up. We aim to have full functionality by Friday at the latest.
Also, just a footnote if anyone here has any experience with CentOS drop us a line. I am reasonably proficient at the basics, but an experienced user would be good to have around so we can pick your brains. Rest assured we know how to run the server, but we specifically want some expertise to setup remote restarts and monitoring.

Hello all! I figured now was a good time to actually do the job I became admin for! I will aim to put up either a weekly or fortnightly update detailing some of the things that the BigD Admins, Staff or Members have been up to. So lets get started:

Project Reality 1.3 is now free to play, and with it has bought an incredible influx of numbers to the PR community in general. BigD has had a huge swell in players, reaching 100 players on a week night (fair dink-um!). The BigD Admin team would like to extend a huge thank you to all our past and present BigD members for your support. Without the effort from a few determined individuals, we would not be where we are today.

In particular, [bD] Yak deserves a six pack for getting us off our arses and starting the server. Madhouse for going to the effort of setting it up on the original VPS. [R-DEV] Ancientman for helping us pillocks out.

To all new players and members to BigD, we welcome you! I encourage all current members to get as many people in here as possible, as it is important for us on the road to Squad.

That's all from me, however here is a few Shenanigans from some members of our...