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Conan Exiles Server Rules

Article in 'Rules' contributed by Madhouse, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. No hacking/exploiting of any kind. Using current exploits (no matter how small) leads to an unfair advantage for all players on a PvP server. Any hacks or exploits discovered will not be tolerated & will result in an instant ban. We actively monitor game logs and DB for these type of actions.

  2. No inappropriate names - player or clan (use your judgement here) or you will be asked to change or reset your character.

  3. Be respectful to all members of the BigD Gaming Conan Exiles server community. We want an enjoyable server for everyone playing.

  4. No building inside dungeons or blocking access to dungeons/NPC camps - everyone wants to explore the lands equally.

  5. Please attempt to avoid building near NPC encampments & interactive NPC's (eg: npcs that let you change religion). Although they now have their own land claim, placing foundations close will still despawn them.

  6. No 1x1 foundations placed all over the map. Foundations can be used as a defense only to stop access to your base (should you need/choose this method) - place these sparingly around your base ONLY to block building. Spammed foundations will be removed by our admins & clan/player names noted.

  7. Please endeavor to remove your starting base if/when you choose to move on

RP Rules:
  1. Any clan wishing to attack another must "declare war" on that clan in-game & through BigD Gaming forums BigD Gaming Community | http://bigdgaming.net/forums/ (Conan Exiles - General Discussion) - if possible through BigD Gaming Discord #conan-exiles channel also. This is to allow all clans to be aware of the impending attack.

  2. War declarations must be made at least 2 days prior to the weekend to give all parties time to prepare for battle. These declarations do not need to be accepted by the other clan as long as proper procedure is followed.

  3. Structure damage will be enabled every Sat & Sun 12pm to 9pm AEST, during this window these clans may attack one another openly.

  4. NO RAIDING or BASE ATTACKS are permitted on any other clan on the server that have not had war declared on them using the above method. All other bases are off limits!

  5. Small structures do not count towards base attacks e.g. clearing bed rolls, small temp bases (not main base), 1x1 foundations & exposed crafting/placeable (objects not protected inside a main base). Pre-emptive staging ground bases can also be attacked opening without the need for war declaration. These can be destroyed during the structure damage window at will.

  6. If your unable to be online during the PvP structure damage window it will not stop a clan attacking you. Your only choice would be to negotiate with this clan prior to the weekend e.g. arrange another battle the following weekend or perhaps offer resources/craftables to quell the need for battle - perhaps even a hand-to-hand battle???

  7. Open world PvP is completely free for all though every minute of the day.

  8. On the weekend of battle if your clan is (at war) with another all base access structures MUST BE LEFT IN TACT e.g. no pulling up stairs to remove access to a sky/rock base. Plan accordingly - this needs to be fair for all involved, base defense will be integral during your war!
This should allow all clans time to prepare!

We have an active group of admins on the BigD Gaming server. If you experience any issues please don't hesitate to ask in chat for some advice or help. Alternatively please join us on Discord: Discord | Discord | https://discord.me/bigdgaming

This is an EA game and as such any information regarding exploits/crashes/issues that we can gather and provide to Funcom is all a helpful part of the process. Please bear with us if server issues occur as we will always be working our best to have the server online & available every minute of the day we can.

Please check back here from time to time to note any Rule changes. Otherwise enjoy Conan Exiles courtesy of BigD Gaming - Have fun all!

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