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Its happening, BigD Gaming has begun the migration to Discord.

>>> DISCORD.BigDGaming.net <<<

Teamspeak has been a core component of the BigD Community since the early days of 2007. It has taken all this time for a new and improving platform to overtake and enrich the community interactions that Teamspeak has in the past.

BigD Gaming Discord will be open as a community platform, anyone and everyone is welcome to join in as was the case of teamspeak. All of our Community & In-game admins will be required to be active on Discord - if you require admin assistance, especially for in-game matters, Discord will be the place to look.

Discord is the place where you will find out the latest events, server & game news first, the detailed information will as before, posted on the website but also linked to the appropriate channel on the Discord.


Madhouse submitted a news item

Skrim12 is Here!

12vs12 team action is here, hosted by the BigD Gaming Community for the whole SQUAD Community downunder.

BigD Gaming is running a round robin style tournament with the intention of providing our very own dowununder competition for all teams, no matter their experience and seriousness about the game.

We invite and welcome anyone who can form or already has a team of at least 12 members to submit their team application before the closing date of 24/11/2017.

Full information and future updates/news about the Skrim12 competition can be found on the Skrim12 Portal found HERE
Madhouse created a new tournament:

Squad Round Robin Test
View this tournament...
Madhouse submitted a news item

Dedicated Server Upgrade

I am very happy to announce the arrival of a new Dedicated Server to host our multiplayer game servers off including: SQUAD, ARMA 3, The Forest and future projects.

Over the past weekend we have tested the performance of SQUAD on the new dedicated server and have found a small increase in performance, especially when Insurgency game mod is run.

We move from the old beefy server consisting of:
  • i7-6700k 4.0gHz,
  • 32gb RAM,
  • 480gb SSD,
  • 3TB Data p/month
  • Windows Server 2012

to the new monster box of:
  • i7-7700K 4.2gHz (boost to 4.5gHz),
  • 64gb RAM,
  • 480gb M.2 NVMe SSD,
  • 5TB data p/month monster
  • Windows Server 2016

Of course we could never have the great servers we run without the generous community donations that continually come in month, after month. Thank you to those who have contributed so far and will...
While Squad is the main BigD game, it's always good to have some variety! With this in mind, I have decided to set up a new (BigD Community Exclusive) server for:

The Forest - $14.99 USD
The Forest on Steam | http://store.steampowered.com/app/242760/The_Forest/

The Forest has been around for a while, but can officially be hosted on a server now. It's also had a great deal of updates, so if you haven't played it for a while, it's always good to start it up again and see what’s been done. The server will only be available to BigD Community Members certain night’s for a few to join for some cannibal/mutant killing fun!

Current Server Setup:
• 20 Players
• Difficulty: Normal
• Save/Continue Enabled: Yes

The server will launch tonight (Thursday 14th) for all to join! Check out further details on the BigD Discord: Discord – BigD Gaming | http://discord.bigdgaming.net/

Please be patient with the game though, as it is in EA & the dedicated hosting is in really really EA, but hopefully we can have some fun. Catch anyone interested tomorrow evening.

Note: We will have a text & voice channel created for launch!
Donation System Upgrade Awesome to see donations for this month is off to a good start, thank you to those who have donated so far.

I have upgraded the donation manager on the website, which now gives us the automated ability to provide a reserve slot on the BigD Squad servers for a predefined period of time when a user makes a donation and as long as the user has associated their Steam account with their BigD Website account here: http://www.bigdgaming.net/account/external-accounts

To trial the new system, I have set that anyone who donates at least $10 will be granted a reserved slot for 30 days. This will also cover all those who have donated so far this month. The new system will insert your Steam ID into the Squad server files every 30 minutes.

The reserved slot will then take effect on the next map played once your Steam ID is inserted. To make a donation, head over to this link: BigD Dedicated Server Costs | BigD Gaming Community | http://www.bigdgaming.net/donations/bigd-dedicated-server-costs.1/campaign

If you have any question or issues with the new system, please reply to this thread.
Hey all,

I will be running another Arma 3 OP on Friday, 07 JULY 2017.

For those who are interested please use the RSVP feature at the top of this thread. To play in the OP you must have teamspeak downloaded and configured with Task Force Radio (I can help with config if required) and subscribed to the below mod collection through steam.

Mod Collection:

OP details will be located in the BigD Discord #arma-op-sord channel. If you need a hand with any setup please let me know.

BigD Dudes

Social Gaming Clan

Formed out of the ashes of the former [N/A] Project Reality Social Team, [BigD] Dudes Clan is a family of like-minded gamers who enjoy banter, bullshit and importantly each others company - basically we like to play games, have a good time and not get into e-drama.

[BigD] Dudes Clan is building its numbers up in the main games we play currently: SQUAD, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam & Player Unknown Battlegrounds
We wish to be at a point where we can take part in friendly matches against other clans while also having strength in numbers in our main games so we can play together with quality people and enjoy our game time.

So the call is going out, [BigD] Dudes Clan is looking to recruit into its family more like-minded gamers.

How To Join
  • Talk to @Madhouse either by Private Message on the BigD Website, Direct Message on Discord or via message on Steam to discuss why you want to join.
  • You will have to play with our current members in one of our current main game so we get to know you....