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[BigD] Dudes Clan

Discussion in 'Looking for a clan ?' started by Madhouse, Jun 9, 2017.

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    BigD Dudes

    Social Gaming Clan

    Formed out of the ashes of the former [N/A] Project Reality Social Team, [BigD] Dudes Clan is a family of like-minded gamers who enjoy banter, bullshit and importantly each others company - basically we like to play games, have a good time and not get into e-drama.

    [BigD] Dudes Clan is building its numbers up in the main games we play currently: SQUAD, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam & Player Unknown Battlegrounds
    We wish to be at a point where we can take part in friendly matches against other clans while also having strength in numbers in our main games so we can play together with quality people and enjoy our game time.

    So the call is going out, [BigD] Dudes Clan is looking to recruit into its family more like-minded gamers.

    How To Join
    • Talk to @Madhouse either by Private Message on the BigD Website, Direct Message on Discord or via message on Steam to discuss why you want to join.
    • You will have to play with our current members in one of our current main game so we get to know you.
    • To be accepted into the family, you will need to received atleast Three (3) Yes votes, with One (1) coming from a member of the Senior Dudes.

    The Ideal Member
    • Wants to play games, chill and not cause e-drama.
      • We’re looking for players who know how to be competitive when they want to be but are pretty relaxed most of the time. People you can have decent or hilarious conversations with.
    • Good Teamwork and Communication
      • Members will be able to work with and communicate effectively during gameplay. They should know when to banter and when to switch on. They should be humble/able to put the group first before themselves (in game/gameplay if necessary).
    • Good sense of humour -can take a joke/banter
      • We are all here because we like playing games as a group together, we like the banter and jokes. To this end, members should know when the jokes are going to far and when to stop the banter.
    • Must be regularly active
      • Discord VOIP (3-4 days per week)
    • Family/Real Life before Games
      • We are all here because we like to play games, we like to play competitively with each other when we can but we won’t allow a member neglect his real life family or commitments. Members will keep in regular contact with the Head dudes/Dudes in order to achieve the optimal work/life balance for them and the family.
    Benefits of Joining
    • A family of like-minded gamers
    • Reserved Slots on Our Game Servers
    • A community to call home
    • Dedicated website
    • Popular Discord server
    • Dedicated Gaming server hosting where we can host any multiplayer game we want to

    Dudes Links
  2. sp1deR

    Jul 5, 2017
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    3:47 PM
    Id like to thank BigD for accepting me into their clan, Looking forward to game and train up with you lot. =)

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