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Squad Founders - In Game Credits Name

Discussion in 'Squad - News & Updates' started by BigD Bot, Aug 18, 2017.

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    For all you founder types (Squad Leader Kickstarter tier and above) this is for you guys. If you missed the deadline last year to have your name listed in the game credits, we are making another run through the system to add your names to the credits. I will be doing this on 1 September 2017 (approximately 2 weeks from now). This should give you guys plenty of time to get your names updated.

    If you are unaware of the procedure to do this:


    You will notice a Link Steam Account link in the top menu of the forums, next to Discord. Click this and log in with the Steam account you redeemed your Perk keys with. Once redeemed you will get a status message before a redirect on any perks you own. After doing this you will start seeing your backer / founder tag on posts.

    If you were a Squad Leader backer or above you will now have a new option in your profile section to add your in-game name to the credits. Go to your profile, click edit and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a new field below the About Me section. Add your in-game name there and we will add you to the credits later.

    Make sure your name is appropriate or it will not be added into the credits.

    NOTE: The steam login is done via oauth so we never see your login information. It is done directly on the steam website.

    Make sure you have activated the latest key code before trying to link your forum account. Keys with the inventory items were sent to the email you used to back the game.

    Please be advised, If your chosen name is inappropriate it will be removed.


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