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We Put the D in SquaD - September Edition

Discussion in 'Squad - General Discussion' started by Madhouse, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Madhouse

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    Madhouse submitted a news item

    We Put the D in SquaD - September Edition

    Now you've seen that work of art headline, lets discuss Squad @ BigD Gaming for September 2017.

    NB: 'We Put the D in SquaD' will be a monthly recap/newsletter type article as a way to communicate what is going on in the world of BigD Squad.

    State of the Community

    BigD Gaming is evolving to meet the needs of the community and has put an emphases on providing quality over quantity. As the Squad landscape continues to develop with our beloved game slowly but surely going further towards the magical game play of Project Reality, BigD Gaming will continue to review and revise how we run and operate our servers and the gameplay we are aiming to provide our community.

    BigD Gaming's historic tagline of 'Teamwork and Maturity' still rings true when it comes to community operations, processes of review and the manner we conduct player punishment.

    We expect all players, admins and visitors of BigD Gaming to uphold a level of maturity and to not incite drama in our house - don't expect lenient responses from Admins in the future if elements in and around the community continue stoking unneeded drama when simply the majority just want to play the game of Squad and are interested in proactively assisting to make BigD Squad the best it can be.

    Squad Portal

    With the new frontend of the website coming online, BigD Gaming now has a one stop shop for all the information about BigD Gaming Squad including:
    • Server Status
    • Rules
    • Map Rotations
    • Quick Links to BigD Squad Forums
    • Info on Reserved Slots
    • Support Ticket link (to lodge ban appeals, player reports, etc)

    Check out the portal HERE

    Server Rules

    Our Squad Server Rules have received a full review and update, check them out HERE

    You may have noticed BigD has brought back its Second licensed server, to give our community more variety.
    • BigDGaming.net #1 |AUS| Teamwork
      • No First Cap Rushing allowed
      • Billed to be a welcoming server to all skill levels
      • Seeded first Monday-Thursday

    • BigDGaming.net #2 |AUS| Hardcore
      • Catering to our more experienced players who wish to have less restrictions on rollout
      • Seeded first Friday-Sunday

    Server Performance
    • Squad v9.8 saw a UE4 engine update which has caused moments of server health dropping into yellow/red levels, then coming back to green.
      • This will hopefully be fixed in the next patch due soon.

    • Moments of high ping and 'rubberbanding' have also been reported.
      • We are investigating these ping spikes with our server provider.
      • Both Server #1 & #2 have been freshly re-installed.

    Reserved Slots

    BigD Gaming values the contributions those who donate towards the costs of running a dedicated gaming server to meet the demands of multiple Squad servers.

    As a small thank you to those who do contribute financially, BigD Gaming gives all those who donated AU$10 or more reserved slot access to Server #1 & #2 for 30 days from the date of the donation.

    To donate towards our server costs, please visit HERE

    To receive access to our reserved slot, you must have your Steam profile associated with your BigD Website account HERE

    Map Rotations

    Thanks to our admin team & their commitment to making BigD servers as enjoyable as possible, we have developed a number of map rotation setups. Each rotation will run for a 2 day or 3 day period, then be swapped for another to provide a variety in maps played each day/night.

    The current Map Rotations can be viewed HERE

    In the past few days, we have also setup a Map Rotation discussion between those in the community who wish to provide constructive feedback. If you are interested in providing feedback, please Direct Message @Madhouse on Discord.


    Feedback is needed from the community so we can properly investigate any issues/suggestions current and in the future as to ensure our server is the best it can be.

    How and when to raise is simple:
    • Immediate gameplay issues, including players breaching server rules should be either raised in-game with an admin and/or in the #need-an-admin text channel in Discord with the handle @Squad Admin.
    • Ban Appeals are to be submitted via the Support Ticket system HERE so a member of the Senior Admin team can review all information in a confidential manner and to avoid unnecessary flaming.
    • Serious player reports, including racism, hacking/glitching, etc should be reported privately via the Support Ticket system HERE with any evidence collected.
    • Server Performance issues are to be either noted in #need-an-admin text channel on Discord or via the Support forum HERE
    • Feedback and/or issues with an Admin is also to be submitted via the Support Ticket system HERE so a member of the Senior Admin team can review all information in a confidential manner and to avoid unnecessary flaming.
  2. MindConfusion

    Jan 18, 2016
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    8:14 AM
    Good stuff, keep up the good work
  3. Ash Ketchun All


    Jan 31, 2016
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    11:14 AM
    this is an enjoyable update, love your work madhouse <3 :*

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