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Minecraft Server Rules

Article in 'Rules' contributed by Madhouse, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Those whom wish for PvP they must place an @here tag in the #minecraft chat channel with "Aggressive" or "Peaceful" which will be pinned to the channel so that all can see who is available to be killed.
  2. Do Not Grief those whom are in peaceful mode, this can be seen by viewing #minecraft text channel under the pinned messages
  3. Claiming an area requires it to be fenced off, if it is an island it requires a sign post placed on the island, depending on its size it may need more than one sign. Claimed land goes from the bottom to the top of the world. First in first serve for land claiming. If it has already been claimed, you cannot claim on-top of the already claimed land.
  4. A claimed Island also claims the two blocks of water around it, if there is construction beyond that, it too has claimed two blocks around it. The construction cannot claim extra land and if connected to land that land must be fenced off or marked as the owners territory.
  5. On claimed land, the owner of the land has rights to do whatever they please. Should what they do affect another players land then they themselves loose their land.
  6. On Owned land the owner has full control on that land and can kill you, the pursuit cannot go outside the owned land unless both the owner and invader are in aggressive mode. A peaceful mode owner can kill you on their land but you cannot attack them back, the Peaceful owner must give you forewarning to leave the land un-griefed.
  7. If it drops in your inventory and is not for you you must return it.
  8. If a group of individuals decides to go to "war" with another group of individuals then pre war the rules of engagement will be worked out, if a grievance cannot be made then "war" cannot go through.
  9. During war times the only people in the war are those who were there during the Pre-war discussions, you can, however, join the war but you must be clear on which side you have joined and cannot switch side or back stab. Its a code of honor and must be met.
  10. Any arguments or requirements for admin intervention will not favor either party unless the admin decides that it must. The decision can be appealed to RDAH (Minecraft Head Admin) and a ticket must be put through the www.BigDgaming.net website requesting Minecraft admin to appeal the decision.
  11. Minecraft Admins can have decisions appealed however Head Minecraft Admins decisions cannot as they are final.

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