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Information - Team [N/A]

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We seek and destroy all while rock'n'rollin
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Jan 7, 2016
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Team [N/A]
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Team [N/A] has existed over 10 years, originally formed by GruAnch and a few others to enter as a fun, social team in the first iteration of the BigD Gaming Project Reality 10vs10 Team Competition.
[N/A] grew over time and became one of the most regarded groups in the Australian Project Reality (PR) community. Nowadays we are found playing the successor game to PR, SQUAD.

We are not a milsim group, we aim to play hard and have fun. We also enjoy playing other games from time to time as a group for a few laughs.

Team [N/A] is a core unit of the greater BigD Gaming Community - we can be found playing SQUAD on their servers, hanging out on their Discord VOIP channels and active on the website: BigDGaming.net

Today Team [N/A] is gearing up for Squad and to take on other teams and clans in organised matches, represent in community events and to take part in the upcoming BigD Gaming 12 vs 12 Competition.

We are looking for individuals who love good gameplay, can have fun and can kickass.


What do we look for in new members?
  • Good Teamwork and Communication
  • Good sense of humour -can take a joke/banter
  • Must be regularly active in Squad and on Discord VOIP (2-3 days per week)
  • All ages considered
  • Able to attend team matches, play with other team members in regular public play and to squad up in community events

If you would like to join Team [N/A], please submit your application: Team [N/A] Membership Application | BigD Gaming Community

We will only accept new applicants once we have played a number of times with you and you've been active on the BigDGaming.net Discord Server with other [N/A] Members.


NOTE: Team [N/A] is currently open for recruitment, feel free to join the madness.


Last Updated: Jan 7, 2016, Updated By: Madhouse