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Bigd Squad Is On A New Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Squad - General Discussion' started by Madhouse, Dec 18, 2015.

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    #1 Madhouse, Dec 18, 2015
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    We have moved to a new server provider to find the best performance and value for money to help support and grow our community in SQUAD.

    This new box has successfully tested up to 64 players without major issues, we even had the server fill to 72 players with small amounts of jitters and performance drops - but no MAJOR issues. So once Squad optimizes its animation system, we should be able to host higher player servers quite easily.

    Again I ask that everyone posts their experiences and feedback of the BigD Squad servers here: Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback | BigD Gaming Community so we know what the major issues we need to work on, plus feedback on the in-game admins and rules that are of course new and will be subject to change as Squad develops.

    This new server would of course have not been possible without the generous support of those who donated recently.
    If you are liking the new server and want to show your love and support for the BigD, then we will need ongoing donations to keep our services alive. All donators receive a Donator tag on the BigD Website and Teamspeak server.
    We are also looking into reserved slots for regular donators once they are implemented in Squad.


    NOTE: Don't forget to check out the Servers page: Servers | BigD Gaming Community It lists all BigD Squad servers and the player numbers in real time.
  2. Gumbyz


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    Just started a new job but will donate very soon.
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