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BigD unit member being rude

Discussion in 'Squad - General Discussion' started by Ltlery, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Ltlery

    Nov 11, 2016
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    11:28 PM
    I've got some complain on one of the BigD unit member I just recently come back on squad after a while and as always join a server join a squad and the squad that I've been is alpha 1 which the SL is BigD JabbaWoki. After I joined the squad for a couple of minutes I just suddenly kicked on squad reason? none didn't say anything just kicked immediately. I got pissed and told it on team chat the suddenly BigD Madhouse just suddenly told that "you mad?" like really? of course I will be mad I got kicked for no reason. I wouldn't be mad if they told me whats the reason or just ill gonna get kicked, not being rude and just kick someone without telling anything. This thing didn't happened before when BigD got its awesome time, members are friendly know how to respect public players I always love to join BigD squad server before because of how they treat the players on their servers but now this? people became rude and being asshole (sorry for the word but its true).

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