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Squad Cpa Week 3 Announcement (archived)

Discussion in 'Squad - News & Updates' started by BigD Bot, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Week 3 Closed Pre Alpha, "Let it begin here"

    DOWNLOAD http://downloads.joinsquad.com/Squad-PreAlpha-v4.zip aka Build 1776
    For Ranger, Commander and Airborne backers, Closed Pre Alpha (CPA) access is scheduled to open on Friday the 7th of August GMT, at
    • 6AM GMT
    • 7AM London
    • 8AM Berlin
    • 2AM New York
    • 11PM Los Angeles (Thursday night)
    • 4PM Sydney
    The test session will run for ~72 hours until Monday 10th of August, 6AM GMT.

    “One of the most essential branches of English liberty is the freedom of one's house. A man's house is his castle.” ― James Otis

    The download will be available on Friday on the prealpha.joinsquad.com portal after you log into your account.

    Changelog - (Version 1776)
    • When a flag is lost in AAS mode, the side who lost the flag loses tickets as well
    • Fixed missing tree collisions
    • Fixed a crash where player dies without a valid controller
    • Fixed end of match full auto looping firing sound bug
    • Fixed scoreboard to show team player counts and total scores
    • Fixed Crouch to Prone/Prone to Crouch positional glitching in third person
    • Fixed maps to reduce LOD popping from occurring so often
    • Removed Distance Field shadows for now on all maps to massively improve performance
    • Prevented server from playing impact FX, improving server performance
    • Fixed team switching bug that prevented players from switching teams when they should have been allowed to
    • Fixed scored points for teamkills from +10 to -20
    • Adjusted anti-aliasing on all maps
    • Reduced shininess on roads and Kohat terrain
    • Updated particle effects to look more realistic and less like "Coco Puffs"
    • Switched login window links to point to the Prealpha site
    • Updated Backblast effect to look more realistic
    • Shortened Pistol deploy animations down to 0.9 secs
    Important note with shadows

    This week we have turned off the Unreal Engine's Distance Field Shadows. That means you should start with Shadows settings on Epic. Drop to high/medium only as needed.

    From the Dev Team
    We want to thank everyone who has gotten us to this point, without your support and encouragement we don't know where we'd be, this is a dream come true for some devs, and an accomplishment after building up years of modding and educational background, training and work experience in the field for all. We are at heart all gamers first, even as we take on the responsibilities of bringing this Offworld Industries from a dream project being chased to our new daily reality.

    We have now distributed every Ranger, Commander and Airborne key. Check the email account associated with your Kickstarter or Paypal account, whichever you used to pledge to Squad during the Kickstarter campaign. Contact us at support at joinsquad dot com is you have not yet received your key.
    We are still 6 to 8 weeks out from distributing the Squad Leader, Clan 5 Pack and Clan 10 Pack keys.

    We will have plenty of servers available around the world, we'll have more servers on standby to boot within 10 minutes if existing servers are filled, and we're actively looking for ingame admins to help us maintain some semblance of order. Everyone in game will have spent serious time and money to get to this point, we have prepared ourselves and are preparing admin teams for dealing with the stampede to get online.

    Join Us as Ingame Admins
    It is at this time we ask for people to step up and help us help and the community, by volunteering to be ingame moderators to maintain healthy gameplay experiences for our CPA.
    Here's the lowdown:
    • Login at prealpha.joinsquad.com and in game is case sensitive for username and password.
    • We will lock down our development build and upload it Friday.
    • When registering, there will be five links on the main page after you register:

    “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” ― John Parker

    Recording and Streaming Gameplay

    Act like a decent human being and everyone can record and stream as they see fit. We believe in the power of the people, we fully expect you guys to record, stream, screenshot and write about your gaming experiences with us. The good and the bad, we'll take it as it comes. Please do report problems in our feedback form so we can tackle the bad before we leave CPA.

    Among many reasons for termination of your access to Squad IP, overt antisocial ingame activity for purpose of dissemination and/or distribution of video/audio/still images/written recollections of Offworld Industries video game Squad will result in immediate and permanent banning of your key and SteamID.
    If said video/audio/still images/written recollections are found online and can be associated to an account on our systems, Offworld Industries at it's sole discretion can and will ban keys and SteamIDs.

    Post your streams/youtube videos so we can all find them.

    Antisocial Activity
    Offworld Industries is aware that we all have off days. It's the nature of the beast when playing shooter games. We will take that into account when dealing with singular instances of disruptive behavior. That being said, we have a persistent reporting system attached to your SteamID, enough reports of disruptive behavior will result in bans of various lengths, up to and including permanently banning your key and SteamID.
    Be cool, and we're cool.


    When installing a few problems can occur, here are remedies:
    • Login at prealpha.joinsquad.com and in game is case sensitive for username and password.
    • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
    • directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
    • Chrome will detect the .zip file as a false positive, click the arrow then select "Keep"
    • Unzip the game in a directory not UAC protected, so NOT in C:\Program Files
    • Config files, logs and screenshots will be saved in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Squad
    • Make sure to allow firewall and antivirus access to the Squad.exe
    • Some older routers require you to allow UDP port 7777 through
    • Not all resolutions are showing up in the Video options

      • in game, type tilde ` to bring up console , type in as examples:
      • r.setres 1680x1050w
      • r.setres 2560x1440f

        • f = fullscreen
        • w= windowed
        • b = borderless
    • Only your default Windows Audio Input device will be selected as your Mic
    • Mouse sensitivity is not always permanently saved when the game is restarted. please be aware. (this might be fixed before next weekend)
    • Unofficial workaround to make SLI work: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/3145-unofficial-sli-configuration-for-squad/
    For further troubleshooting assistance, please head over here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/3052-troubleshooting-guide/

    First Run:
    • Login with the Username and password you submitted on this portal.
    • “Deploy Now” is a Singleplayer test environment.
    • “Server Browser” will find the test servers online forRanger weekend.
    • Squad runs at 1600x900, Medium Settings, Windowed mode on firstexecution. Please go to Settings->Graphics and adjust, thenclick Apply.
    • At this time in Graphics options, Shadows are the frameratekiller. So try just lowering Shadows to one or two quality levelslower than the rest of your settings, click Apply, and test. Keepingshadows at EPIC is the best way to showcase Squad, so if you can do so,please do so.
    How to Spawn:
    • Create or Join a Squad.
    • Select Kit, then select a Kit.
    • Select a White or Yellow Dot on the map, these are spawn points.
    • Click elsewhere on the map, then press Enter to spawn.
    Joining a Squad is Important:
    • [ENTER] click Create or Join in the numerical list of Squads onthe left side of the UI.
    • Squad is a game dependent on mature teamplay and cooperation.
    • Lone-wolfing in our game is a bad experience for you and for us,our best suggestion is to just not do it.
    Squad Leader (SL) Specific Actions:
    • [T] key radial menu allows dropping of Rally Points (mobile,squad specific spawn points)
    • [T] key radial menu allows building of a Forward Operating Base ,which entire team can spawn on.
    • When a SL is within 50 meters of a FOB Radio, he can builddeployables to make defensive positions.
    • SL can place a Ammo Crate for teammates to resupply from the [T]Radial Menu.
    TO RELOAD AT A FOB that has a Ammo Crate.
    • [F] Radial menu to interact with Ammo crates.

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