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First Cap Rush Rule (Poll & Discussion)

Discussion in 'Squad - Server Information & Feedback' started by Steez, Jan 3, 2017.


What should the rule be?

  1. Don't allow any flags that are directly linked to main to be rushed.

  2. Allow one to be rushed, but not both.

  3. Get rid of the rule all together and just prepare for whatever comes.

  4. Leave it in play and remove it on the Community Whitelist Server.

  1. Chickhen


    Jan 13, 2016
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    6:38 PM
    I share similar frustrations to Flanders above.

    However it's not our call and I think it's best to sit tight to see how the community server turns out. In saying that we need to do something different to encourage players (outside of just units) to actually play there, not sure what but.
  2. Steez

    Steez Guest

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    6:38 PM
    Yeah exactly. We need to do something different to encourage everyone to play there, not just non unit members. Our current train of thought is to define what that server is about and the style of play on it. Creating a more open playground with custom rules from the public servers is a great way to start going about doing that and we have used the information gathered to try and make that server more appealing. There are a lot of reasons for having a community server like this, number one being increasing the competitive intensity of play on that server to make our units better equipped to tackle a international competitive scene where they all have access to regular competitive play. Without something similar, we may well fall behind. Playing on a public server will never replicate truly what real competitive play is like.

    Disappointing but not surprising. To add onto what I was just saying in response to Chickhen, what we have done is analyse which demographic has answered yes to removing the rule (experienced community players) and also who hasn't logically had a say in the matter (new players that don't have an account or a chance to vote) and found a scenario where we can cater for community feedback (removing the rule on the community server, where the people who said yes all have access to) while still maintaining an environment where new players are free to learn in a more forgiving environment (public servers, where the people that said no share a concern over).

    That is the literall definition of listening to feedback, we have just done it in a clever way that addressing the shortcomings in our information gathering procedure and the demographic it reaches. At no point upon making the poll did I say that the decision for the rule would be whatever the poll winner was. I said we would collate the data and make a decision. You just interpreted it that way and set yourself up for disappointment.

    Give it a chance mate. At the end of the day, you aren't a unit leader, not are you an admin, nor are you on the event or media team, so there is a lot of information about what we are trying to achieve that you are missing out on. On top of that, when one of us does reply, you just deny that we are listening because we haven't done exactly as you wanted and accuse us of not caring and being out of touch.

    I have over 1000 hours in squad, I talk to most of you every day, I'm regularly on reddit, discord and the joinsquad forums, I've played in international competitive matches and squad ops, set up our own events and run my own unit, squad takes up a very large chunk of my time, I spent over 4 hours last night in meetings, how on earth am i out of touch? I assume many other admins and senior community members feel the same way, remembering that we all do this on a volunteer basis, so as bit more gratitude would certainly be a welcome change.

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