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  1. Riders of the Storm


    Time for some ARMA III action on Altis. We will be playing the mission Patrol Ops with the mods CBA & Task Force Radio

    - Saturday October 29th, 2016

    Time: (Please confirm your local time. remembering Daylight savings is in effect)

    7pm AEDT
    Event Time Announcer - Riders of the Storm

    Kit Rules and Restrictions

    - Everyone will be using weapons and equipment based on what class they are using.
    - No thermal weapon scopes.
    - No long range sniper scopes.

    Server and Password:
    - BigDGaming.net #1 - Riders of the Storm Event
    - Password will be given out at the briefing.

    Player Limit:
    - 30 Slot Server

    The Squads will be decided by event admins.

    Discord & Teamspeak
    - It will be required for all participants to join us on the BigD Discord channel for the event briefing 30 minutes prior to event start. After the briefing players will be directed to join the BigD teamspeak for the event start.


    - Standard server rules apply.
    - Fun is mandatory
    - Remember nothing works better then teamwork.

    SIGNUP HERE --->>> Riders of the Storm

    *Slots for the match are limited to 30 players. No RSVP for mates - first come, first served.

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