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Welcome to all new SQUAD Players!

Discussion in 'Squad - News & Updates' started by Spono, Nov 11, 2016.


How do you like SQUAD and our community so far?

  1. Wow, its great for an Alpha game and the community is so friendly!

    6 vote(s)
  2. I prefer COD... and playing by myself

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  3. Great game, awesome community but I need help :(

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  4. How do I SQUAD bro!?

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  1. Spono

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    Mar 11, 2012
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    Hello new Squaddie!

    So you are trialing SQUAD for the FREE Weekend. Excellent choice! We at BigD Gaming are happy to have you here and are excited to help you with your initial experience of this fantastic game. Our community has been fore front of SQUAD in Australia and New Zealand so you have come to the right place.

    Our community has over 81143 Hours of [​IMG] so trust me when I say we can teach you a thing or two.

    First things first jump on Discord and come chat to us, we will help you through your first few hours. feeling a bit shy? No worries we can help you in game as well, but too make it easier you will certainly need a MIC. If you intend on playing SQUAD long term, a MIC will be crucial for communication and make sure you have the best experience possible.


    Jump On Discord! Discord | https://discord.gg/3ktgr7h

    Spawning IN and Choosing your role

    Press Enter. You will either choose a Main, rally or FOB spawn point. Make sure to ask your SL where you should spawn.

    There are a few different roles to choose from, best thing to do is ask your SL what kit he wants you to take. For example your SQUAD may currently not have a medic, this is a vital role and is pivotal in the survival of your SQUAD. If you feel this is too much for you too handle then we recommend going Riflemen for your first 10 or so hours, just to get grips on the game. After that you can then explore the other roles that take your fancy, but again make sure to ask your SL first.

    Stick with your SQUAD

    Make sure you are always in a SQUAD and communicating with your Squad Leader (SL). He or She, will be the one to give you guidance through the battle. Be aware that your SL might be new too, if that's the case then look to one of our community members for help. They will be wearing [BigD], [ULD], [N/A], |F|, [AP1] or ADMIN tags. "At the end of the day" If they sound like they know what they are doing, the probably do :D

    Play to the objective

    Flags are indicated on the map, this is what you are really fighting for in AAS mode. With Insurgency you will be looking to either Attack or Defend the cache. Bring up your MAP (Press M) and use your compass to navigate your way to the objective. Essentially following your SL and Squad will keep you on track

    Don't Team Kill

    Our servers are based on teamwork and communication, any intentional TKers will be warned. If theey continue to TK then they will be banned from our servers and will have to make a ban appeal by submitting a support ticket.

    Remember to have fun! This is not your typical COD type FPS, you can still play it at pace but with the support of your SQUAD.

    I will keep this Post update with new information that will help with you SQUAD journey.

    [BigD] Spono
    Senior Community Admin

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