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BigD Masters


Golf with Friends

Participants (7/16)

Madhouse Greene Remix ACC1 THEKING MindConfusion RDAH
BigD Masters [​IMG]
Golf with Friends on Steam
Round 1: Forest - 12PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 2 + Losers Bracket: Oasis - 1PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 3 + Losers Bracket 2: Twilight - 2PM ADST 29th Oct
Round 4 + Losers Bracket 3: Haunted - 3PM ADST 29th Oct
Losers Bracket 4: Forest - 12PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 5: Oasis - 1PM ADST 30th Oct
Losers Bracket 6: Twilight - 2PM ADST 30th Oct
Final: Picked by either agreement or randomizer - 3PM ADST 30th Oct
Games take place over the course of the weekend.​

BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS Double Elimination tournament: BigD Masters

BigD Masters is a double elimination style tournament. Matches will be played as 1 player versus another. We will aim to have multiple 1vs1 matches happening in the one server at the same time for extra fun and giggles.

To join the BigD Masters tournament, you need to meet the following:
  • Golf with your Friends game
  • Be active on Discord during play
  • Comply with Competition rules
  • Respect the values of the game
Player signups close midnight 28/10/2016.

Most important is the fun and enjoyment factor of this competition. There is no major prize for the winning team, the objective is to enjoy the banter and fun play a bit of putt putt brings.
Hoping for a few of us to stream these matches so others can join in the mayhem.