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SQUAD 9v9 Team Competition TEST

Winner: Besterer Squad team (Steez)


Participants (2/8)

Madhouse Steez
BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first SQUAD Team vs Team Competition in the Australian/New Zealand region: Skirm10

Skirm 10 is limited to 10vs10players set in a round robin competition format. The top Two ranked teams at the end of the round robin stage will go on to play in the Final Match.

To join the BigD Skirm10 Competition as a team, you need to meet the following:
  • A Team roster of at least 10 players under one unifed Team Name
  • Designated Captain and Vice Captain
  • Able to commit to playing one match each week between Thursday and Sunday over a period up to 7 weeks*
  • Comply with Competition rules and BigD Gaming Server rules
  • Respect the values of the game
Team signups close midnight 03/04/2016.

Most important is the fun and enjoyment factor of this competition. There is no major prize for the winning team, the objective is to enjoy the close competitive game play that these type of scrim matches haven shown in the past to produce. Of course the winner gets bragging rights and will go into future team competitions as the reigning champion.