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Information - United Lads Division(ULD)

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Let's get together lads
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Jan 31, 2016
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Welcome to ULD
Great Gameplay | Better Banter

Welcome to ULD(United Lads Division) home of many like-minded players brought together by their love of games, teamwork and a bit of banter.

Our primary focus at this point is on the game Squad and building a well trained team that works together to get into the action and have some fun.

If your looking to join we provide great pub server action and intense clan v clan matches with our community partner BigDGaming. They provide the server we provide the squadwork and camaraderie required to win the day.

We aim to keep a tight ship whilst training for multiple competitive events but at the same time maintain a easy going environment for the more casual players. Think of ULD as a meeting place for those who get along well and just want to casually play some games, however if the player is interested they may step it up into our competitive teams for training, team meets and other exciting events.

At the end of the day we're here to play some games, so get prepared for some great gameplay but better banter.

Come join us on the BigD discord and get to know us

Here at ULD we have worked hard to create a tight group of mates that get along well together. Through friendship comes great teamwork and a sense of belonging. We don't want to compromise that at any costs, and as a result, we require you to allow us to get acquainted with one another before any talk of recruitment can be considered. If you would like to join the unit we will require you to do the following:
  • Play with us in squad when you get the chance so we can see if our play styles suit.
  • Jump in our open channel on discord whenever you are playing squad or feel like a chat, so we can truly get to know each other.
  • Register your intent to join the unit here on this site.
We truly believe you should play with who you get along with and play similarly to, and therefore should take the time to find out which group that is before jumping into the commitment that is joining a BigD unit. You could be the best Squad player in the world, if we don't think you will gel with our existing members and philosophy, it ain't going to happen.



Unit Rules

Don't be afraid of a little banter

Follow all standard server rules

No personal attacks on members/non members

Behave in the best interest of your squad and team ingame

[ULD] Unit tags are to be worn at all times whilst playing Squad

Make sure you are a good role model as you represent both ULD and BigD.

Always play on BigD servers if you are playing on Oceanic servers due to our role in BigD

Try and make sure teams are balanced as much as possible

Repect your teamates and enjoy the game!
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