What is Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game based on Conan the Barbarian. You must survive in a savage world while you build a base and dominate your enemies.

Like any true survival game, you start with nothing. Once you get your first decapitation though, you know this is going to be something different.

Conan Exiles is an exciting mix of base building and PvP combat, while also maintaining a large PvE gameplay mechanic. Between active AI in camps all around the world to AI raiding your base, there's never a shortage of things to keep you busy.

If you manage to get past that, then it’s time to venture into some caves & other dark unknown places to take on a boss & battle for even better loot.


Why BigD Gaming?

BigD Gaming has been an active community since Squad’s EA release in 2015. Since then the community has grown significantly and branched into other game genres.

Our goal at BigD is to always maintain a friendly & growing community. Seek out new games for our members & to ensure any services we do offer are always administered responsibly & swiftly to ensure the best gameplay possible


Got Feedback?

Feedback can be provided in a number of ways: by starting a discussion on our support forum or chatting to our admin team on the BigD Discord.


Get Involved

You love what BigD Gaming does and want to get further involved? Easy! Come play on our servers and play Conan Exiles to its fullest.

The easiest way to join our growing community is on BigD Discord, where you can meet the regulars who hang in the VOIP channels, use our text channels to relay any issues in real time you have on our servers and to stay up to date on news, events and updates.


Conan Exiles PVE Server
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Hi Everyone,

For those of you that are unaware, BigD has launched a PVE server to cater to the...
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Conan PvE is COMING!
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For all those aspiring architects, we felt it was time to launch a BigD hosted Conan Exiles PvE...
Conan Conan Exiles is moving to BigD's new dedicated server!
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After some amazing community support & donations, we are now able to move the Conan Exiles...
BigD & Conan
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Conan hit full release & BigD have launched our own server for all the aspiring BARBARIANS out...

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