BigD Conan Servers

CONAN DownUnder #1 | | PvP | 5X | WIPED 17/06

CONAN DownUnder #2 | | PvE | 3X

Conan Exiles PVE Server
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Hi Everyone,

For those of you that are unaware, BigD has launched a PVE server to cater to the Australian player base of Conan Exiles. Tonight the server peaked at a total number of 17 Players...
Conan PvP Server Wipe Time!
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The time to wipe the BigD Conan Exiles PvP server is upon us, and what better moment than after a BIG patch. There should be another large patch coming shortly as well, hopefully bringing in some...
Conan PvE is COMING!
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For all those aspiring architects, we felt it was time to launch a BigD hosted Conan Exiles PvE server, in addition to our PvP server.

Wanna get your build on, then come and join us on our brand...
Conan Conan Exiles is moving to BigD's new dedicated server!
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After some amazing community support & donations, we are now able to move the Conan Exiles server to our brand new dedicated box!

It's such a great thing being able to play games with our huge...
BigD & Conan
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Conan hit full release & BigD have launched our own server for all the aspiring BARBARIANS out there!

If you've played this before, it's time to join us again and discovery the new zones and...