Fair play and Maturity

Social Maturity and Fair play has been the ideology of BigD Gaming since its inception, and we always seek to uphold these values.

By joining a BigD Gaming server, you agree to and are bound to all rules listed on this page.


General Values

  1. At all times Players and Admins are expected to act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
  2. Listen to and obey the Admins at all times.
  3. Don’t take things too seriously, it’s a game!

Players may be punished if they are not considered to be displaying Fair play/Maturity, regardless of whether they have broken any of the below rules. We all like to have a laugh and fool around, but not to the detriment of another player’s experience.



1. General

  1. Racist, abusive and hate speech is not tolerated.
  2. Using any form of cheating is forbidden.
  3. Strictly no obscenity in your in-game name or clan name.
  4. Impersonation of any BigD Admins, Managers, Moderators, Clan Members or other affiliated individuals and groups is forbidden.
  5. Using any in-game glitches/exploits for your advantage is forbidden.
  6. Advertising in any form for clans, communities, websites or any other individual/group is forbidden without approval of a Community Manager.
  7. Any discussion of kicks/bans in-game is considered poor etiquette. We encourage users to visit the Forums in order to resolve all grievances.
  8. Any form of Trolling, baiting or stupidity will not be tolerated.
  9. Any unresponsive player sitting idle in the server, when the population limit has been reached, may be kicked to make room for other players.

2. Communication and VOIP

  1. Do not spam Text and VOIP channels.
  2. Do not argue, insult or be a ****
  3. English only in global/voice chat.
  4. Swearing is tolerated, but up to a point.

3. Game play

  • Building Spam:

    • Spamming foundations, pillars or other building items anywhere other than what is required to construct your base will not be tolerated. A warning to remove them will be issued.
    • Using foundations at other locations on the map to block off other’s from building is not permitted. If an admin discovers you using this tactic a warning will be issued. If the constructed items are not removed, then all bases you own will be destroyed!
  • Blocking Areas:

    • Do NOT block off Thrall or Religious NPC spawns. If you find an occasion where this has occurred please let an admin know so we can resolve it. (Remember when capturing a Thrall you can't climb, all NPC camps must be completely accessible ALWAYS by foot)
    • Do NOT block access to any areas/regions of the map intended for access by all players e.g. bridge leading to the North. You are able to block access to your base, as long as it does not interfere with the aforementioned condition.
    • If your base is found to be blocking a major access point or NPC content, you will be asked to relocate immediately. Failure to move your base within an adequate amount of time may result in it's complete destruction.
  • Glitched Building/Storage:

    • No building in areas or placing storage in areas clearly unintended by the developers to be built in.
      e.g. glitched mountains/walls - refer Rule #1
  • Raiding (PvP Server only):

Weekdays: 7pm to Midnight (AEST)
Weekends: 9am to Midnight (AEST)

PvP is always enabled/allowed in the open world (only base destruction is limited to the above times).

If you’re the subject of a raid you are not permitted to construct additional walls/items deliberately intended to block off certain areas of your base or replace broken walls/structures, once the raid starts. E.g. Blocking access to storage areas deeper in your base with additional walls that could later be easily removed by you/your clan!
Your base must remain usable as it is for you throughout normal game play and in a raid.

IF the defending party is able to mount an offensive attack and completely wipe out the attacking party, then and only then, are you able to rebuild/repair a wall/door/structure. Should the raid begin again though all construction must stop!

Raiding/Attacking Party: If you choose to construct a ‘raid base’ during your attack, once the raid is over, please ensure the ‘raid base’ and any storage containers are completely REMOVED!

  • Start/Safe Zone:

The starting area, located on the Southern section of the map (as indicated below in green) is:

    • PvP Server - a Safe, NO PvP, NO raid zone for learning
    • PvE Server - a learning zone

This area is intended for people to start Conan Exiles and understand/learn the basics of game play. We require everyone to move out of this zone once they have an understanding of game mechanics though.
We do not want to see large bases constructed in this area - it is simply a starting spot to build at most a 4x4 base to understand crafting/building basics)

At no time can an individual/clan, who has built in the safe zone, raid a base North of the river. If you are ready to raid/PvP, you MUST cross the river & build your base outside of the safe zone. (PvP Server)

Once you're ready to move out of the starting zone, and all items/resources are moved to your new base, please REMOVE YOUR STARTING BASE in the safe zone - we do not want bases cluttering this area!

Any player on the server is free to venture back into the starting zone at any time to harvest/explore, however must not interfere with or harass individuals still in this zone.



Reporting Players or Issues
  • Please visit the Support section of the BigD Gaming website to lodge a player report. Alternatively, you can DM a Conan Exiles Admin through Discord to discuss the matter – please do not continually spam or harass an admin though.
  • If you are experiencing an issue in game: Try to ask for admin assistance in-game, if your unable to reach an admin at that time, then please visit the #need-an-admin channel in our Discord tag @Conan Exiles Admin so we are able to assist you.
  • You will not be punished for making a report, unless deliberately spamming or making a false statement
  • Avoid retorting to trolls and flamers, this will only make things worse & may result in both parties being removed from the server.
Reporting Staff
  • Moderators and Admins are subject to the same rules – if you feel a Moderator or Admin has treated you unfairly or is breaking the rules, please contact a Senior Conan Exiles Admin through our Discord.
  • Please don’t make accusations public.
  • Please don’t argue with a Moderator or Admin’s instructions at the time.



All infractions will be handled at Game Admin discretion

Possible punishments are:

  • verbal/written warnings
  • game server kick
  • game server ban (temporary and/or permanently removed from server)



  • Please review these rules occasionally to ensure you are up to date with them.
    • We will do our best to notify the community of any significant rule changes, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know and adhere to these rules.
  • BigD Gaming reserves the right to protect the integrity of our community, servers, player base & any other service/entity.
    • we may remove any individual/group/clan/community/etc from all BigD servers either temporary or permanently.



BigD Gaming Senior Admin Team

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