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Donations @ BigD Gaming

BigD Gaming Community operates purely on the generous donations our community members make available each and every month – without the donations, BigD Gaming would not be able to provide the services it currently does.

The following services are paid with your donations:

Dedicated Server based in Sydney, Australia

  • I7-7700k 4.2/4.5GHz
  • 480GB M.2 SSD
  • 64GB RAM
  • 5TB Data/month
  • Windows Server 2016

What runs on our Dedicated Server?

  • SQUAD Game Servers (licensed, training, modding, matches, etc)
  • ARMA Game Servers (public, events, modding, etc)
  • Other Game servers depending on demand
  • Discord bots
  • Teamspeak Server

Total cost per month = $290.39

Web Hosting based in Sydney, Australia

  • High Priority CPU usage
  • 300GB Bandwidth
  • Large mySQL processing power

What runs on our web hosting?

  • website & forums
  • Custom scripts that manage whitelisting for donators & admins automatically via website permissions

Total cost per month = $15.00


  • BigD Gaming donations for use to cover community operation costs.
  • Donations to BigD Gaming are completed entirely at the users discretion.
  • Donations to BigD Gaming are voluntary and not refundable..
  • We do not require donations to play on any of our servers, or utilise any of our services.
  • Our current monthly donation goal is: $400.00 
  • Why is it higher than our monthly costs listed above? Simply to cover the months where donations do not meet the minimum to keep our services alive.
  • BigD Gaming also pays yearly licensing costs for XenForo & associated add-ons.
Love the squad servers!
Great server and would love to see it stay up for squads.
I hope you guys last, we need a good community like this
For the cause
Platocrov - Squad
*Winky Smiley Face*
New bicycle

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