Squad Alpha 11
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Hey soldiers!

Alpha 11 has arrived! We can think of no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle...​
Squad Air Assault Mocap Session
Squad Alpha 10.2
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Hey Squaddies,
While work on Alpha 11 is progressing at full speed, we pulled over a few of the changes that should help improve the experience along the way.

Patch Notes
Squad Alpha 10.1
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Hey Squaddies,
Lest another three...
Squad Alpha 10
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Hi Squaddies,
New animation system? Check. Bipods? Check. Climbing and vaulting? Check. ALPHA TEN IS FINALLY HERE FOR GOOD? A BIG OLD CHECK! It's time! It's here! The wait is over and we're...

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