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Squad Squad DownUnder Server 1 Reinstall
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This morning, myself & @5tardu5t completed a fresh reinstall of Squad DownUnder Server 1 as it has not been done so since v10 release.
This is to keep the server performing in...
A New Logo Appears...
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Today is the day that our current Boxing Kangaroo on the rising sun logo will be replaced with a new stylized BigD logo.

The boxing kangaroo on rising sun logo was designed back in 2013 during a...
Unacceptable Behaviour
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BigD Gaming Community has been around since 2006 and in all the time since until today has been run by individuals for no pay or reward except to provide a great community experience to its...
BigD Gaming has a REND Server!
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Thanks to @5tardu5t, BigD Gaming now has a REND server online and ready to go!

Server Name: Rend DownUnder AU/NZ [5x]

I will get more details and posts...
Donations for June 2018
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Annnnnd June is outta here!

Our community donated $420 out of a monthly goal of $400.

As outlined in the previous months donation announcement, BigD Gaming has paid 12 months in...
HLL June 2018 Update
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Hi everyone!

It has been nice to sit back for a minute and look at all we have achieved since the conclusion of the Kickstarter and initial Closed-Alpha testing. We are now working on making sure...
Donations for May 2018
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May has been a month of kicking goals and making dreams happen.

Our community donated $591 out of a monthly goal of $400.

On top of an above average month of donations, the...
Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Playtest Weekend @ BigD Gaming
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BigD Gaming has been approached by the Post Scriptum Developers to host Post Scriptum Servers in Australia during the Playtest Weekend!

HLL Alpha Patch 03
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Thanks so much for your patience!
We’re about to release the new and final patch for the Alpha. You can follow the release time here. After we release...
Second Dedicated Server - Donation Goal Achieved!
  • 186
  • 3

Good news peoples, we have smashed the goal of $1500 to acquire a second dedicated server for the BigD Gaming Community!

A massive thank you to those who have made it possible...
Post Scriptum Weekend playtest - status update #3
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Dear PS community,

As most of you already know, Periscope Games is hosting internal playtests twice a week in order to make sure our first iteration of Post Scriptum is the most enjoyable as...
HLL Update 18/05/18
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Hot of the press from the Devs!

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a team we always aim to deliver something that is fun to play and gives the best representation...
Second Dedicated Server
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BigD Gaming is pushing ahead in 2018 and to do so requires a second dedicated server to host additional game servers on.

The second server will allow us to host a bigger Conan...
HLL Community update and Server information
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Hi everyone!

As a DEV team, when something doesn't quite go to plan it can be a little frustrating and we know you share that frustration too. We want to be open and...
HLL Closed Alpha Week 3 Update
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Fresh off the Press from the HLL Devs:

Yes we are going live with an update! We will follow up in a few hours with the changes we are testing, plus patch notes etc. here...
Donations for April 2018
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April is done and dusted and the community has been very generous with donations this month.

Our community donated $694 out of a monthly goal of $400.

On behalf...

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