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Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Now Available!
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It has been two years and it all still feels quite surreal to be here today. Post Scriptum started as a mod with the idea of creating the tactical game of our dreams. The team made a lot of...
Post Scriptum Release date announced!
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5 Historically Authentic maps. Combined arms WWII combat. Relive September 1944 this summer. Release is set on 18.07.2018!
Pre order available on Steam.

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Post Scriptum We are back!!
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Missed us? Worry not, we are back this weekend for more testing and bug finding!

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Post Scriptum Playtest extended until Tuesday 9.00am GMT
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Wait whaaat ?

Another 24 hours of Post Scriptum for you guys who are in holiday tomorrow. We will be working hard on optimization for our next event, stay tuned...
Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Playtest Weekend @ BigD Gaming
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BigD Gaming has been approached by the Post Scriptum Developers to host Post Scriptum Servers in Australia during the Playtest Weekend!

Post Scriptum Weekend playtest - This is it boys!
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This is it folks! Sky is clear, Operation Market Garden is a go this weekend!
We have more than 30 thousands soldiers waiting on the landing grounds ready to get into action.

Vehicle behaviour is...
Post Scriptum Weekend playtest - status update #3
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Dear PS community,

As most of you already know, Periscope Games is hosting internal playtests twice a week in order to make sure our first iteration of Post Scriptum is the most enjoyable as...

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