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Post Scriptum BigD Post Scriptum - Community Update 01
  • 184
  • 1
First up, shout out to our loyal player base who have made the POST SCRIPTUM DownUnder servers...
Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Admin Recruitment
  • 185
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The BigD Gaming Post Scriptum server has been fully packed every day since launch and has...
Squad BigD Is Recruiting Squad Admins!
  • 135
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In order to make sure the #1 Squad server in Australia runs smoothly we need a dedicated admin...
Squad BigD Gaming Map Rotation Survey & Reserved Slot Giveaway
  • 142
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Want to have a say in the layers that get put into rotation on the BigD | Squad Down under #1...
SCUM SCUM is coming!
  • 309
  • 1
Can you survive a prison riot or will you end up holding someones pocket??

Come and join...
Squad Sunday Roast Event - August 2018
  • 2,085
  • 6
To RSVP, you must be logged into your account on the website - login or register...
ARMA Operation Uprising
  • 246
  • 9
Note about the Op's

If you are assigned to a role in a certain squad, go into that role only...
Squad Squad Stuttering/FPS Issue Announcement
  • 206
  • 4
It has come to our attention that there is a reoccuring issue on the Squad servers currently...
SCUM Release Date Announcement!!
Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Now Available!
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It has been two years and it all still feels quite surreal to be here today. Post Scriptum...
BigD Arma Sitrep #003
  • 104
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From: Senior ARMA Admin Team

To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community

Public Server...
Squad Squad DownUnder Server 1 Reinstall
  • 78
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This morning, myself & @5tardu5t completed a fresh reinstall of Squad DownUnder Server 1 as it...

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