Squad Reddit AMA Transcript
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Reddit AMA Transcript
Squad Alpha 10.1
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Hey Squaddies,
Lest another three...
Squad February Recap
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February 2018

Hey Squaddies,
Squad Alpha 10
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Hi Squaddies,
New animation system? Check. Bipods? Check. Climbing and vaulting? Check. ALPHA TEN IS FINALLY HERE FOR GOOD? A BIG OLD CHECK! It's time! It's here! The wait is over and we're...
HLL From the Front: Dev Progress Update #1
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From the Front: Dev Progress Update #1

As we move forward, we felt that it would be more productive to give detailed updates on where dev is up to, instead of leaving everyone in the dark...
Skrim12 is Here!
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Madhouse submitted a news item

Skrim12 is Here!

12vs12 team action is here, hosted by the BigD Gaming Community for the...
Dedicated Server Upgrade
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Madhouse submitted a news item

Dedicated Server Upgrade...
We Put the D in SquaD - September Edition
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Now you've seen that work of art headline, lets discuss Squad @ BigD Gaming for September 2017.

NB: 'We Put the D in SquaD' will be a monthly recap/newsletter...

Lest We Forget

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"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of...
BigD 2016 in Review
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Well what a year! Here we are, about to sit down to eat way too much food once again.
Lets recap the going-ons of the past 12 months at our local BigD Gaming...
10 Years of Teamwork Trailer
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Can you believe it!? BigD Gaming has now been around for 10 years.
To celebrate our milestone, Sgt JoeKickass has created the new BigD Gaming Trailer to celebrate the BigD Life Style.


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