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    i think i left some pizza around here

    i think i left some pizza around here
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    Latest purchase!

    6700k,mobo,500gb ssd, 8gb 2400 ddr4 (more to come next year ) CPU water cooler.. now im eating nothing but mi goreng and potatos till the new year time to start my OCD mapping efforts
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    BigD 2016 in Review

    @Tex haha maaate.. still one of the earlys.. but you are here in this. View: cant wait till my upgrade arrives! but another clip from the early days when i could access admins. View:
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    BigD 2016 in Review

    favorite memory for me.. coming back to see BigD flowering again for another year and many familiar faces that are popping back up after a 3-4 year break and the start up of 10 v 10 matches again only played a few but you cannot beat it also just helping people start up their own unit sections...
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    Expansion on the YOLO wargames.

    yeah i couldnt fidnt any of the old forum posts because they are from memory 8 years old.. but it was basically the same as what we experience with yolo except they were full rounds of PR when you signed up you got given some choices E.G infantry, logistics trans, support.. and that is where...
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    Expansion on the YOLO wargames.

    hey just a quick thread.. could we set one up the same as what we had for the PR campaign many moons ago.. basically its the exact same idea of the current ones excet those who apply for the campaign get split into the two factions and they stay with that faction till the end of the campaign...
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    Need help to upgrade my Motherboard!

    pretty well that man.. would only upgrade if you we're going to get a newer 1151 chipsets take a pick from here mate find one that suits your build if looks are your thing :) fan controller - Shopping and Price Comparison Australia - Buy Cheap |...
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    YOLO | WAR GAMES - The Last Patrol

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    ASSAULT ON KOKAN - Sunday 20th NOV

    yep true to form i missed out as well hope it went well kokans a fav!
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    ASSAULT ON KOKAN - Sunday 20th NOV

    IN! View:
  11. Freelook bug - YouTube

    Freelook bug - YouTube

    i was ona 50cal fob got taken down i lost my aim but could look around haha
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    YOLO event idea..

    hey lads just looking at an idea or another yolo event feel free to discuss as atm i have limited time to write my idea ut ill come back to this thread after work today.. basically ts a mix between that check mate event we had and the midnight raid 12 v 26 ? basically its a hostage situation...
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    We are growing our Squad Admin team!

    wouldnt mind getting my wings back but also still cant commit to meetings as such... if possible with the new community updates it would be good to access 1 thread or similar for pure admin chats/ updates anything and everything so those who cant make meetings can still see current admin goals...