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    Op Marlin Planning

    Aux.| will take Inf #1
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    PR Map Poll For Australia Vs Korea

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    Newbie here looking for a clan

    Yeah mate. Don't rush into joining a clan. Jump in with clan squads if you get a chance, they will all be happy to have you as long as you listen to the squad leader and have a mic. Get a feel for the play styles of each group and then make a choice as to who you wish to apply to join.
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    BigD PR Linux Server Feedback

    Yeah I know. All good.
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    BigD PR Linux Server Feedback

    Sooooooooooooo............. Is mumble working yet? If so can we have it unlocked so we can give feedback?
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    Randomness !

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    UPDATED: Madhouse is in Need of a New Motherboard

    yeah ive got the r9 270x and it ultras every game i have......I have a lot of games.
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    Randomness !

    Looking forward to this.
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    Randomness !

    Hahaha yeah Bahlye my family are all Prawn Fisherman and I was too years ago so I know the whole process.....just never seen it get that bad. We generally put the boat on the slip once a year minimum to clean it all off. Also its much higher to fall on when a prawn trawler is on the slip. (I...
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    Randomness !

    wow mate. did you buy it like that or did you let it get that bad.......need to know who to judge haha
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    Welcome to the New BigD Website v3.0

    where's the shoutbox buddy..... you promised!
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    Randomness !

    My new set of bar boobs......PURE GENIUS!!!!! Filled with booze with taps for nipples.