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    Merry Christmas!

    On behalf of the Admin team we would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe break, Really appreciate everyone's support this year and Looking forward to 2019 and the new games that are due out.
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    Don't forget to sign up to join in the fun of the Sunday Roast Events
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    I gonna see the movie

    Yeah looks good, really liked the jaws movies.
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    BigD Gaming has a REND Server!

    Always enjoy when the community up on board with the new games being released Great work again Star on the new server
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    BigD Hosting Insurgency Sandstorm?

    That would be a big yes from me looking forward to this being released
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    BigD is looking for media staff

    Do you have a keen interest in Media creation or would like to practise your skills with design or video editing for a portfolio ? Then we are looking for you to join the BigD media team. We currently are looking for people that have the following or an interest in improving your skills. 1. Time...
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    Free weekend.jpg

    Get on the Big D Servers
  8. free promo weekend

    free promo weekend

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    Squad Free Squad weekend Free Squad Key giveway

    Squad Key Giveaway! It wouldn't be a free weekend without someone walking away with a free copy of Squad would it! Well BigD don't think so... To have your chance at winning this Squad license, please read through and complete the below steps. How To Enter: 1. Register an account on our BigD...
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    Battlefield 5.jpg

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    NSW VS QLD State of Origin OCS match

    With the State of Origin Kicking off tonight we are continuing the rivalry with a OCS State of origin Match, We will split the teams into NSW gamers Vs QLD gamers. Jump into the live stream and cheer on your side give friendly banter. It will be streamed on twitch and link below will be where...
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    BigD Fail thread

    Hello to all in the community, To brighten up all of our days i would like to introduce this thread, Post your fails in any of the games we play showing you best fail in game.Lets see what everyone has.
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    You been drinking again?

    You been drinking again?
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    squad 2018-06-02 21-21-41-16.jpg

    Close game