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    North Korea?

    Love you Gimp.Period. Nothing will happen with N.Korea. You think they are suicidal?... They do this **** everytime they WANT something... But no one will be nuked. Sleep easy.
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    State of the Community?

    bad post from moi-apologies gents.
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    Where you PWN from

    Bahlye the photo reminds me of the line from Dr. Strangelove... "Gentlemen you cant fight in here it's the War Room!!"
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    Trading Post

    If anyone is after an MSI GTX 460 graphics card[I got a GTX 580] It is a year and a half old,will sell it for peanuts. Peanuts,I tell you. It works fine,no issues etc. I can send it to anywhere in the country,pay me enough so i don't LOSE money doing it. I would be happy it has a home...
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    Sandy Hook,anyone?

    I must confess that although I am well aware of the the fact that politics is not something that is to be discussed on these forums,I believe that simple human decency is. Every time one of our troops dies in Afghanistan,we all pay our respects. I believe that is the right thing to do. This...
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    Battlefield 3

    Heya,would LOVE to be added to the reserved slots! My ingame nick is Joe-Sixpac Thanks heaps in advance::hi:
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    Hi All - New monitor recommendation?!

    Hey man,I have a BenqV242OH 24" and it's awesome..Had it approx 18 months now and Love it. Regarding your 3D querie,my computer guy who I get my parts from was of the opinion that the Nvidia 3D glasses are still a way to go in terms of the technology itself...Hence why I didn't get them myself...
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    HB 3D Gimp!

    :wine: Happy Birthday matey.
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    MOH Warfighter

    Nor am I... Purchased the older incarnation of MOH for the Beta key for BF3. Won't make that mistake again..although I enjoyed the MP aspect of the last one. To think of the sheer amount of people that will buy this game for BF4 Beta keys...recurring theme here we come... They could easily...
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    MOH Warfighter

    Odd cause although I loved the SP[took one arvo to complete]the MP aspect was actually heaps of fun... But meh,EA have built a dynasty just from all the games I have bought from them, starting in the 1980's...
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    Sydney Meet and get the hell to know you

    Hey Gents it was great to meet you all..Hope we can do it again.
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    Sydney Meet and get the hell to know you

    Hey Guys,we are here on the day...I have now handed out my private details to three people,Noddy being the only one to share details. If you want to meet people in the flesh,you are going to have to come out from behind your PC's people....I don't like sharing personal details anymore than...
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    Origin of your Ingame Name

    That's a terrific scene with Chris Walken...Awesome. "This Watch,little man..":ok:
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    Sydney Meet and get the hell to know you

    Yes please let's get the numbers up Biatches! Noddy posted this up months ago,let's get as many as possible so we can have some fun man! Like Adomonkey said,poor turnout!...Here's your chance to meet some new people[which,incidently,you may never meet again] For the sake of the Gent's...
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    Sydney Meet and get the hell to know you

    Hey Adomonkey,could you PM me?...Noddy will be taking details for all Wanting to go to the gig with him... So plz PM Noddy those who will be attending the gig first. For all not attending the gig but are coming out for Drinks,the Town Hall hotel is an excellent idea as It is right near...