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HLL Alpha Patch 03
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Thanks so much for your patience!
We’re about to release the new and final patch for the Alpha. You can follow the release time here. After we release...
HLL Update 18/05/18
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Hot of the press from the Devs!

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a team we always aim to deliver something that is fun to play and gives the best representation...
HLL Community update and Server information
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Hi everyone!

As a DEV team, when something doesn't quite go to plan it can be a little frustrating and we know you share that frustration too. We want to be open and...
HLL Closed Alpha Week 3 Update
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Fresh off the Press from the HLL Devs:

Yes we are going live with an update! We will follow up in a few hours with the changes we are testing, plus patch notes etc. here...