Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Admin Recruitment

The BigD Gaming Post Scriptum server has been fully packed every day since launch and has attracted a regular playerbase which is fantastic!
What we as a Community Leadership team hasn't done enough of is to ensure a strong Admin presence in-game and on discord to maintain a great playing experience in-game.

So we are opening up our application process for Post Scriptum Admin - ideally we would like to on board 10 new admins to cover all times of the day and so it isn't just one person handling the whole workload. You do not have to be apart of a community clan or a regular in discord to apply, applications are open to anyone!
Ready to apply? Fill in the application here:

We are also looking for One or Two Senior Post Scriptum Admins to:
  • manage the team
  • ensure server rules fit the servers needs
  • server maintenance
  • community events
  • proactive engagement of players and other clans/community groups
We will consider an individual for a Senior role once we have on boarded them into the team as a Post Scriptum Admin.

If you have any questions before applying, either reply to this thread or drop me (Madhouse) a line on the Discord server.
- BigD Gaming Management


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