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  1. Syko Skipy

    [Mar 5] YOLO | Overwatch

    I'm in. You guys are in for a treat with this one. Well done events team!
  2. Syko Skipy


    Also jump on our discord mate. All the admins are in a discord channel when playing so feel free to come have a chat and a game. If you go to our home webpage and scroll to the bottom of the page area, on the right you should see a connect button for our discord.
  3. Syko Skipy

    Map rotations

    Indeed Yoyo. I stay at south residence if i'm SL on US to avoid the spawn camp. I would go as far as staying back at south DC in the future.
  4. Syko Skipy

    [Feb 13, 2016] Valentines Day Special (BigD Squad #5)

    I'm in 90%. Team 2 Squad 2 Medic.