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  1. MrMT

    ARMA Operation Hellscape Part 1

    So in other words, Everyones going to die?? ;)
  2. MrMT

    ARMA Operation Hellscape Part 1

    Misfit AT plz
  3. MrMT

    ARMA Operation Ground Fall Part 4

    Ill happily change to 2IC and then if Ahrdawg cant make it I can SL Misfit
  4. MrMT

    ARMA Operation Ground Fall Part 3

    Can I have Misfit assault AT. Im about 80% sure I can make it but will let know sooner
  5. MrMT

    BigD Arma Sitrep #005

    CTI but ww2 would be amazing! Keen for Kordites continuation and hopefully my mission :)
  6. MrMT

    BigD Arma Sitrep #004

    Yeah I&A is only really good with a lot of players. Lib is far better than I&A in my books. Would be happy for Malden 2025. Also Congrats Kordite!!
  7. MrMT

    BigD Gaming Exile Server Thoughts.......

    Id be keen for one. I agree with what Palmer said. Ace might not be the best option because its not as 'plug in and play'. Although if it worked well within the mission it would be interesting to see. And awesome map idea
  8. MrMT

    ARMA Operation Grail

    Misfit Assault Please! <3
  9. MrMT

    ARMA Black Division Event - Operation Downfall

    Iron Clad Gunner please
  10. MrMT

    Unacceptable Behaviour

    Wow, Little does he know the amount of ex ADF members are in here