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  2. 5tardu5t

    Captain's Log 22: March Milestone & Official Server Wipe

    Not silly mate. But yes we will be performing a full wipe as well. With the addition of the new trench and new islands I will need to redo the map. Edit/move things around just like official servers. If you didn't want anything to change then people can continue without a wipe. But I would...
  3. 5tardu5t

    New BigD Atlas Server!

    We have gone BIGGER! BigD Gaming now has a 5x4 cluster server up for all you Atlas lovers to enjoy...yes 20 individual clusters! I think we now have the BIGGEST Australian server in operation currently, with a massive 1400 slot player capacity across all servers. For those playing on our old...
  4. 5tardu5t

    Atlas Server Rules

    We have the Atlas server rules updated and live on our website now. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with all rules while playing on the BigD Atlas server. Rules: ATLAS: Server Rules |
  5. 5tardu5t

    Argh Matey! - Atlas - BigD Server Launch!

    We have finally got it going - the BigD Gaming Atlas server! After a couple of days of learning and building we managed to get the server going. Thanks for everyone who has helped me get this running, especially over Christmas. Server Info: Name: [AU] ATLAS DownUnder Grid Size...
  6. 5tardu5t

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone in the BigD Gaming Community a Merry Christmas! Best Wishes, BigD Gaming Management
  7. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Hardcore Surprise!

    Make sure u jump in our discord, theres usually a few hanging around the SCUM voip channels @tornainbow
  8. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Hardcore Surprise!

    SCUM server has been wiped guys - get back on and start lootin up again...hardcore FTW!
  9. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Hardcore Surprise!

    To all the short/tall/fat/skinny/tattooed SCUMbags out there - BigD Gaming are making a change! On Wednesday morning 17/10 the BigD SCUM server will undergo a full wipe. On return there will be some differences. MORE ZOMBIES doing MORE DMG - Have fun with that! Loot rate reduced to 1x - Fight...
  10. 5tardu5t

    SCUM Scum Server Settings

    @GagReflex_Barbie* Sounded like a good idea to me mate. I have updated the SCUM portal to show all current server settings for the community! If anything is changed, those details will be updated as well.
  11. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Server Behavior

    @Dank If you require rules to tell you not to be racist or not to abusively troll on a community hosted server then truthfully BigD Gaming probably isn't the place for you to play. The statement you reference above doesn't actually say 'rules were broken' it simply states people were performing...
  12. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Server Behavior

    While BigD Gaming doesn’t currently have a complete set of rules up on our website for SCUM, mainly due to this game being extremely new and us trying to understand the game play before we start to put solid rules in play. We have unfortunately had reports of people deciding that racist...
  13. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM Server Whitelisting Proposal

    I also agree with the above posts - the whitelist system just ins't there yet. While we use this system in Squad it's implementation is so much better, without the ability to assign 2 slots for whitelist and potentially have people just auto kicked...argh it wouldn't be nice. I'd hate to see...
  14. 5tardu5t

    Conan Exiles - Gone & Maybe Forgotten!

    Due largely to lack of interest in this title BigD Gaming has had to make the decision to bring down the Conan Exiles server to make way for other upcoming titles. Like SCUM (when we can host it ourselves) & also Insurgency: Sandstorm that we plan to get into on a competitive level. Thank you...
  15. 5tardu5t

    SCUM SCUM is coming!

    Can you survive a prison riot or will you end up holding someones pocket?? Come and join BigD Gaming as we welcome everyone for the launch of SCUM in AUS on 30th August as we bring the BigD server online! As far as we know at the moment GPORTAL will be the only hosting provider, at the...
  16. 5tardu5t

    Two links on Your website do not work!

    Thanks @Tom_Hanks I'll have a look at them. After our website migration we must have missed replacing content, cheers.
  17. 5tardu5t

    Conan PvP Server Wipe Time!

    The time to wipe the BigD Conan Exiles PvP server is upon us, and what better moment than after a BIG patch. There should be another large patch coming shortly as well, hopefully bringing in some much needed changes. One such change I am extremely excited to see implemented will be the ability...
  18. 5tardu5t

    Conan PvE is COMING!

    For all those aspiring architects, we felt it was time to launch a BigD hosted Conan Exiles PvE server, in addition to our PvP server. Wanna get your build on, then come and join us on our brand new server! Explore the lands and battle the bosses without fear of returning to a raided base Take...
  19. 5tardu5t

    Conan Conan Exiles PvE Server Launch!

    Get ready to logon and claim your perfect base location on our new PvE server.