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  1. DaveCleasc

    Squad War Stories: Overwatch | Saturday 9 March 2019

    BigD Gaming Presents War Stories: Overwatch A few (un)lucky souls will get the opportunity to provide overwatch and help coordinate the US forces from their very own UAV in the sky (admin cam). US Forces must infiltrate the city, execute all suspected Daesh leadership and extract. Militia...
  2. DaveCleasc

    Thanks DaveC and TPM.

    Cheers!!! It was a little hectic at times over the free weekend, but there were plenty of new guys keen to learn the game. Just doing my part to drop some knowledge on em and give them a good picture of how good Squad can be, or as close as was possible on a free weekend.
  3. DaveCleasc

    Need a new gaming PC. Will this one do?

    As Floki said, if you can build it yourself u could save some cash and get some better parts. If not, do it, PCCG are a good mob, I've bought plenty of gear thru them and never had any dramas. But if you do go the self build route, then I would def ditch the seagate drive and get an HD instead...
  4. DaveCleasc

    Looking For Clan

    Keep an eye on the discord PUBG voice channels. Just pop in a ask if people are keen to squad up.
  5. DaveCleasc

    YOLO: Overwatch Map Selection

    Logar Kokan Chora
  6. DaveCleasc

    Other squads sabotaging FOBs and admin inaction

    Firstly, when multiple people were complaining in All Chat, I made it very clear that what you and your squad were doing was not against any server rules so no action would be taken. But I did voice my opinion on the issue and stated something along the lines of "setting up rear fire bases is...
  7. DaveCleasc

    Squad Announcement: Experimental 6km2 Map Event

    The super FOB potential on that second map is epic!!!
  8. DaveCleasc

    Squad Announcement: Experimental 6km2 Map Event

    This sounds amazing!!!
  9. DaveCleasc

    Reserved Slots

    I agree, donators should be allowed a reserve spot as well as those who regularly contribute to the community in some way.
  10. DaveCleasc

    Request: 24/7 4K map size server

    Lots of positive feedback when i was on #4 last night.
  11. DaveCleasc

    No worries. Just trying to create more quality players so we can all have better times in this...

    No worries. Just trying to create more quality players so we can all have better times in this great game.
  12. DaveCleasc

    [Mar 5] YOLO | Overwatch

    I think we're onto a winner with this one!!! Looking forward to it.
  13. DaveCleasc

    The Return of YOLO

    I think we'll be running the Yolo: FOB OFF again in a few weeks. But there should be a Yolo story match this Sunday 12/02/17.
  14. DaveCleasc

    Surrender Option?

    Why not just allow the adminendmatch command???
  15. DaveCleasc

    Map rotations

    You all have to remember that these are your opinions and there are many others out there. The admins are listening to many other players on top of the feedback provided by the most vocal. Many people like the things you don't (eg, INF & Sumari). You may not join an INF map during seeding hours...
  16. DaveCleasc

    Surrender Option?

    I just checked this, even after my promotion to fully fledged Squad Admin, I don't have access to 'adminendmatch'.
  17. DaveCleasc

    Squad Map Images

    Adding this here as it took me 10 mins to find it just now. Big ups Filthy for putting it together!!! View:
  18. DaveCleasc

    First Cap Rush Rule (Poll & Discussion)

    I believe slowing down the round starts would be a great thing!!! As it is, we have less than 60 seconds to formulate a plan, coordinate between SL's and then issue orders to squaddies. And that's if you're lucky and the squads are created and filled quickly. I also see this as a big reason why...