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  1. GagReflex_Barbie*

    SCUM Scum Server Settings

    Would it be possible to you guys to keep a updated list for the server of what settings you have for it outside the default server settings?
  2. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Pop cap

    Hello, Could server #3 or whatever. Could we have a 40 player AAS server. There is a number of players that feel that currently this is a stable be it server wise or game play that this is a good number. Also I have not seen a lot of Admins in game lately. I know I dont see all but some...
  3. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Mumble: connection refused

    Getting the "connection refused" error After doing abit of a google I'm at a loss. address is : port : 64738 no firewall program to excpt in Win7 firewall exceptions and I didnt think anything has changed since last time i used it. I've done everything but port...
  4. GagReflex_Barbie*

    2nd intake for World Cup

    The Oceanic team is open for new applications. Follow the link, sign up to the forums, then post in the Oceanic sign up thread. World cup forums link
  5. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Dead Island

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Okay..starting to get interested. Love Romero, and this reeks of it.
  6. GagReflex_Barbie*

    [OCN] Team Practice 19/2

    Date and Time Requested (AEDT/NSW TIME): 19/2 18:30 Main Person Booking:GagReflex.Barbie* Purpose of Booking server: [OCN] Which Server is Required: 1 or 2 How long you wish to use the server: 3 hours Map Choice/s and Map Size/s: QwaiAAS64 Any other info you can give us to...
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    PC Price buying guide. [Large image] $US Feb 2001

    Might help some people.
  8. GagReflex_Barbie*

    PR:WC NCO's

    Congratulations Pink_Floyd Edwoodscissorhands Noddy Capt_Wolf Poncho Namjamo128 bkt StarDream_Barbie* SALTBUSH Have been accepted as NCO's for the world cup. Please check in at the SL sub-section of the PR:WC forums.
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    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Kiwis, Dance!
  11. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Clan TS3 channel

    Is it possible to get a TS channel for Barbie*. Enjoying TS3 more than vent. And its a bit fractured trying to chat with the couple of other Barbies around. I'm happy do donate some cash to the cause.
  12. GagReflex_Barbie*

    New Zealand vs Australia in PR?

    Thoughts? 16v16? I'd love to see a Trans Tasman competition.
  13. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Barbies Definitive Guide to Tanking (WIP)

    Barbies* Definitive Guide to Tanking (WIP) Bright Summer sun west, Sanded metal roars to silence Communication A few people have asked. So we hope over the next two months to get this done, so I'm using this as a start to get me motivated. Srs Thread.
  14. GagReflex_Barbie*

    Let stop the spam/abuse

    I'm trying not to spam abuse (and stop Stardream) but it seems that the killer of our vehicle always has to global up that they have killed us (Including local clanners) then I have to reply. BTW for all the people that insist that I whore watch my inf rounds, I'm getting tied of it.