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  1. Bigsmokeee

    Expansion on the YOLO wargames.

    hey just a quick thread.. could we set one up the same as what we had for the PR campaign many moons ago.. basically its the exact same idea of the current ones excet those who apply for the campaign get split into the two factions and they stay with that faction till the end of the campaign...
  2. Bigsmokeee

    YOLO event idea..

    hey lads just looking at an idea or another yolo event feel free to discuss as atm i have limited time to write my idea ut ill come back to this thread after work today.. basically ts a mix between that check mate event we had and the midnight raid 12 v 26 ? basically its a hostage situation...
  3. Bigsmokeee

    Squad Return to Korengal

    im excited!
  4. Bigsmokeee

    10 v 10 [N/A] vs Community mercs. 24/1/2016

    Tonight [N/A] is looking to take on the community in a 10 v 10 friendly match, if your interested in getting a feel for what the 10 v 10's are about and don't have a group please respond to this thread. a time has not been finalized yet but its looking to kick off around please let me know your...
  5. Bigsmokeee

    Bigd Community Squad Videos And Images

    Post your squad antics and images in here! just a little video from the last couple of days to start things off, under panda's lead many superfobs have been taken in under a few minutes. View:
  6. Bigsmokeee

    Bigdcommunity Squad Roll Call.

    morning gentlemen.. just a basic thread for everyone in the community that currently has squad to check in and share your steam handle so we can get a few community squads up and running. starting to see alot more familiar names popping up in the servers and its been a good time so far...
  7. Bigsmokeee

    photoshop wizardry needed.

    G'day long time no post! just dropping in to ask for any help designing a logo. a mate and i are starting up our own business HnK landscaping renovation's if anyone would like to play with a simple logo involving HnK it would be appreciated. we have no colour scheme's or anything picked...
  8. Bigsmokeee

    World of planes

    dont know much about it but could be very interesting.. also there is a beta sign up on the website Subscription free! World of Planes is a subscription free online game with the same vast possibilities for any players. The MMO experience draws upon multiple genres...
  9. Bigsmokeee

    Battlefield 3

    IT's COMING :fans::wine::fans: *info* Engine: Frostbite 2 Release: 25th Oct. 2011 Full Singleplayer Campaign 64-Player Multiplayer (PC) 24-Player Multiplayer (Console) Co-op Campaign Dedicated Servers Fight in the US, Middle East & Europe (Incl: New York, Paris &...
  10. Bigsmokeee

    Broken GPU fix. "Bakers delight"

    Well over a month ago my 8800gt decided to die!! apon start up the whole screen would go into a frozen pixelated rainbow, i have been using my old 6600gt as a temp till i buy a new card anyways jump forward to today and i am now using my once dead 8800. my mate also had a 8800 that died around...
  11. Bigsmokeee

    IDF stands for Isreali dance federation ?

    YouTube- Israel to investigate IDF backstreet maneuvers haha just seen this clip on the news thought i'd share it :fans:
  12. Bigsmokeee

    Google pacman

    May 22, marks the 30 year anniversary of the release of Pac-Man in Japan. To celebrate the occasion, Google has altered its logo (called a Google Doodle) as it often does for various occasions, like the invention of the barcode or the Winter Olympics. While the logo you see above looks neat...
  13. Bigsmokeee

    Infinity Ward Employees Sue Activision Over Unpaid Royalties

    Activision time to face the music :guitar:
  14. Bigsmokeee

    Former Infinity Ward Heads Form Respawn Entertainment

    full story over here will be interesting to see what they go a head and develope.
  15. Bigsmokeee

    where do you get your desktop wallpapers?

    just installed windows 7 and it has a little feature where you can see you desktop background to rotate through select files. what im looking for is a place you can find high res wallpapers by the thousands. i know someone posted a link on BigD here once with a site that you could choose your...
  16. Bigsmokeee


    so i started buying the Australian men'shealth magazine this year after reading at a mates house it has great articles on fitness and general healthy living great dietary info/recipes anyways.. finally went to get a copy of this months and to my surprise it came with this little book on the...
  17. Bigsmokeee

    EA announces new medal of honour

    Medal of Honour Electronic Arts has officially announced the reinvention of its first-person shooter war game Medal of Honor, bringing the franchise into the modern age and deploying it to Afghanistan, promising "the most authentic modern war experience" for fall 2010. That amply bearded...
  18. Bigsmokeee

    forum member competition.

    Hey hows it going just wondering it would be a good idea if there was another banner competition for the forums with the current host announcement and changes ? last time was fun :hi:
  19. Bigsmokeee


    was just playing the demo of this game here you dont need to download anything to play it is very interesting point and click game thats just come out reckon im gonna buy it. you guys should play and tell me what guys think of it ?
  20. Bigsmokeee

    Rhodesy wants a new pc... and geez bigsmokees a nice guy.

    okay so pretty much rhodesy is to busy crashing photoshop to make this thread haha.. the man wants something along the line of a I7 920 build with X58 mother board, 6 gig of ram, and a 275GTX all for under 2G does not want/need moniter ,mouse ,keyboardsand the likes just the box need to order...