SQUAD Map Rotations

Rotation 1

  1. Chora AAS v2
  2. Kokan RAAS v1
  3. Logar Valley AAS v1
  4. Fool's Road AAS v4
  5. Narva AAS v3
  6. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  7. Chora AAS v2
  8. Mestia Invasion v1
  9. Sumari AAS v3
  10. Yehorivka AAS v5
  11. Fool's Road AAS v3
  12. Narva AAS v1
  13. Logar Valley AAS v1
  14. Sumari RAAS v1
  15. Kokan RAAS v1
  16. Kamdesh AAS v1
  17. Fool's Road RAAS v1
  18. Narva RAAS v1
  19. Chora AAS v2
  20. Logar Valley AAS v1
  21. Sumari RAAS v1
  22. Fool's Road AAS v2
  23. Kokan RAAS v1

Rotation 2

  1. Chora AAS v2
  2. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  3. Yehorivka AAS v3
  4. Kokan AAS v1
  5. Narva RAAS v1
  6. Fool's Road AAS v3
  7. Logar Valley AAS v1
  8. Mestia AAS v1
  9. Chora AAS v1
  10. Sumari RAAS v1
  11. Narva AAS v3
  12. Logar Valley RAAS v1
  13. Fool's Road AAS v2
  14. Al Basrah Invasion v2
  15. Kokan RAAS v1
  16. Chora RAAS v1
  17. Kamdesh AAS v1
  18. Fool's Road AAS v1
  19. Sumari AAS v3
  20. Logar Valley AAS v1
  21. Yehorivka AAS v3
  22. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  23. Kokan AAS v1

Rotation 3

  1. Logar Valley RAAS v1
  2. Chora AAS v2
  3. Kokan AAS v1
  4. Fool's Road AAS v3
  5. Yehorivka AAS v5
  6. Logar Valley AAS v1
  7. Narva AAS v3
  8. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  9. Sumari RAAS v1
  10. Chora RAAS v1
  11. Tallil Outskirts AAS v1
  12. Kokan RAAS v1
  13. Fool's Road AAS v4
  14. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  15. Yehorivka AAS v5
  16. Logar Valley RAAS v1
  17. Mestia AAS v1
  18. Sumari AAS v3
  19. Chora AAS v1
  20. Al Basrah RAAS v1
  21. Fool's Road AAS v3
  22. Kokan AAS v1
  23. Narva RAAS v1

Friday Night Fiasco
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Finish work have a shower and crack out the Doritos because Big D events are coming back in 2019...
Squad November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase
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Hey soldiers!

We know this doesn't look like your usual Recap, but while we are finishing up...
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Good News Everyone!

SQUAD & Post Scriptum are on sale this weekend!
PLUS both games will be...
Squad Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend
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Hi Squaddies!

The shelling hasn't stopped since we opened the Squad - Public Testing app, but...

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