SQUAD Reserved Player Slots


We ask our community members to contribute towards the monthly costs of running our dedicated box, which runs our Community backed gaming servers such as SQUAD.

Squad requires high performance hardware which is costly to rent in the Australian server hosting market.

BigD Gaming uses the built-in SQUAD Reserved Slots (whitelisting) system as a thankyou to all who donate towards the costs of our SQUAD servers.



  • Donations can be made towards SQUAD here: BigD Gaming Donations Fund
  • All donations made by an individual are voluntary & not refundable.
  • Donations need to be made while an individual is logged into their BigD website account to be eligible for Donator benefits.


Donator Benefits

For those who donate AU$10 or more, will receive the following benefits:

  1. Reserved Player Slot access on BigD SQUAD servers for 30 days.
  2. Donator role & colour on the BigD Discord server.


Receiving Donator Benefits

To successfully receive Donator Benefits above, individuals are required to link the below profiles to their BigD Website account here: BigD Connected Accounts

  1. Reserved Player Slot - link your Steam Profile 
  2. Discord Donator Role - link your Discord profile

Stuck on how to link the above profiles? Read the tutorial here: How to link External Accounts



  • Reserved Player Slot access is a reward and privilege for those who donate towards the costs of running a successful SQUAD server.
    • Those who misuse and/or abuse their reserved slot access will have it removed.
  • Those who donate do not receive any other benefit outside what is described above.
  • BigD Gaming reserves the right to protect the integrity of our community, servers, player base & any other service/entity.
  • BigD SQUAD Admins have been empowered to make judgement on whether a server is unbalanced and to either request and/or force a player(s) to switch teams as to improve the game play of the server.



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